I bask in the warmth of the Sun’s pure rays and receive all the gifts it bestows.


Ah, summer is upon us and the beautiful month of June brings our wheel of the year to Solstice!  The bounty of summer is all around us and it is a joy to move through the long days.


Flowers, fruit, birds and bugs flourish during June bringing their gifts to our senses.  It seems easy to feel gratitude at this time of year.  It is our turn to give to nature through gardening and bird care.  Whether planting a garden, tending to flowers, building bird houses and feeders or sitting outside sending blessings and energy to the natural world around us, we can have an impact on our little corner of the world.


When our children were younger, we would create images of the sun out of paper plates covered in foil, or painted discs of wood and hang them outside.  The branches of trees and bushes would be full of glittering, swirling suns!


This would be the time we would create prayer sticks and magic wands.  Outside with the sun charging us as well as our materials we made our tools.  As the day began to melt into the night we built a bonfire and smudged our wands.


I make honey mead that is perfect for the whole family and simple to make.  Early in the day add ½ to 1 cup of honey to two quarts water.  Slice a lemon or an orange and add it to sweetened water.  Sprinkle fresh nutmeg on top and refrigerate until well chilled.


We still build a bonfire and toast the light and Father Sun.  In Georgia it is insanely hot on Solstice so homemade ice cream is included!  Ice cream and a bonfire!  A representation of both solstices reminding all gathered of the turn of the wheel.


As summer returns let us remember that we, too, are rays of the sun.  We bring through our very being the warmth and healing energy that Solstice represents to all we meet in our daily round.


Blessings on our day!