Paranormal Path

Only A Matter of Time

The concept of time has always been an intriguing topic. Humans have always tried to find a way to manipulate it, reverse it or fast forward it, just to relive, or forget certain experiences. Sometimes the clock reveals so much more than just the time of day or evening.

There are so many superstitions surrounding time. Its 11:11 make a wish, or how many stories do we remember where something magical or terrifying was going to happen right at midnight also known as the witching hour.

Great pieces of literature such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Macbeth mention The Witching hour. Usually this is the time between midnight and 3 A.M. We know that at least since the time of Shakespeare the belief that the presence of ghosts and demons is greatest around this time. Possibly due to the fact that many people fear the dark and only those with ill intent were believed to roam the streets at these late hours. 3 A.M is also known as the Devil’s Hour comparing it to the time Jesus was crucified, though it is actually thought to be at 3 P.M. The number 3 also has significance to Christians because of the holy trinity. We could go on and on with the numerology involved in these theories.

What about those that feel they see 11:11 everywhere? Whenever you decide to look at the clock there it is, or whenever you have a startling realization 11:11 appears somewhere. There is actually a very interesting theory some have behind these occurrences. There is an entire network of people who consider themselves “Light workers” people who hold extra energy to raise the frequencies of love and unity for this planet. Those that see 11:11 continuously are believed to be the “Light workers” themselves. This is thought to be a reminder that they are an “Angel on Earth”.

Now what about the truly creepy clock occurrences’? How many people feel that they wake up at the exact same time every night? You fall fast asleep, but suddenly you wake up, look at the clock and it’s at the same exact time as the last few nights this has happened. The most common theory behind this is a spirit is visiting you around this hour. Our bodies are designed to pick up the slightest changes in our environment, even in our sleep. Spirits change the electromagnetic field that surrounds us and we can sense that. Others will tell you it has to do with our own internal clock and how lights, televisions and computers affect our sleep patterns but I prefer the spookier explanation.

Spirit visitation and time of day often coincide. In some cases of residual haunting the time someone passed can play a great role. The clock may stop at that time and just quit working overall and in some cases people have even witnessed clocks begin to go backwards. Another example would be if someone liked to sit in their favorite chair and smoke a cigar every evening at 5 P.M, when that person passes on the family may still smell cigar smoke in the house at 5 P.M on certain evenings.

Finally, think of how many horror movies have used the creepy sound of the old Grandfather Clock chiming away. These clocks have always held a certain dark mystery behind them, the pendulum swinging away, reminding you of each second of your life passing, the loud strikes of each hour, ringing, giving you a shiver. These clocks hold so much within them, the energy of the person who built it, the wood used, the mechanisms carefully placed by caring steady hands. Some feel these clocks have their own personalities. There are countless stories of the pendulum suddenly stopping at the time of someone’s death and it won’t work again until the anniversary of their passing comes around. Reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode when the elderly man believed he would die the moment his clock stopped working.

Time, does it matter, is it endless, does it really heal all? Scientists and spiritualists alike have studied it and still cannot master it, even the spirit world is obsessed with the concept of time lost, those minutes, hours, days, months and years we can never have back. Make the most of it, is all I can say.