Book of Seasons for July!


Strawberries and Sailboats!  Summer is at its height in the northern hemisphere.  Here in the “deep south” everything slows down to a crawl.  It is hot.  And it is humid.  And it is time to just be in the moment.  Gardens are lush and the sounds of nature are constant.  How I love listening to the birds as the sun rises and then the chattering of cicadas and tree frogs as they join the song.  I try to keep the windows open as long as possible in order to hear the hawk and the blue jay just a smidge longer.



Our affirmation for July


I bask in the sunlight and join the song of Gaia!




Sailboats and summer go hand in hand.


I adore wee little sailboats floating down the river lazily bobbing in the current.  I envision dear fairies eating wild strawberries and chatting with dragonflies as they drift on the water.


With walnut shells, a toothpick and some paper, a tiny sailboat can be fashioned.


First, carefully crack the walnut and remove the meat.  Voila! A boat!  Cut a sail from paper and wrap around a toothpick.  Tack it together with glue stick or staple.  Next anchor the toothpick in the walnut shell.  I drip wax from a birthday candle to hold it in place.  Now float on water!  No river or creek?  Then a bowl of water on the table is perfect.  How about a regatta of boats with different colored sails among floating candles?  Lovely outside at night as the fireflies are waking.



Let them eat cake!


What a perfect setting for strawberries to be eaten!   My favorite way of serving strawberries is to cut them and heap them on pound cake.  Top with whipped cream.  Simple but tasty!  Frozen, they are fun to drop into wine, champagne or ginger ale.



As we bask in the sun and drink in the beauty of the night let us feel the connection to Gaia and each other.  Each of us is a blessing to each other as well as to Earth herself.


Blessings on our day!