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Let´s go swimming!

I´m such a wuss when it comes to swimming in natural waters! Why does it always feel so cold? Even swimming pools are challenging… But once I do dare to hop in, I´m totally loving it. The feeling of floating nearly weightless is heavenly.

But whether to wear a swimsuit or a bikini, that is the question. Finding well-fitting swimwear is difficult. And a torment to try on!
In search of the perfect swimwear, I decided to rely on my trial-and-error-method of making it myself. And I chose a bikini. Inspired by Litha and the sea.
This is the very first set I have made, ever, but will not be the last! I´m quite happy with how it turned out.



Blue and grey are the colors I feel most comfortable in by the sea.
The truth is, I have no boobs. Especially after two babies the situation is pathetic… So to compensate that, I made the top quite covering. Including wide cups and the band around the chest to add to the illusion that there is actually something there that needs to be covered. (But please don´t take me wrong, I like being flat-chested!) 




Getting my vitamin D from the sun is my top priority and motivation for sunbathing. I have never been fond of just lying on the beach towel. I like to do stuff, move around, play ball or frisbee, swim, etc. It is more fun, and reduces the risk of sunburn.




The biggest problem with store-bought bikini for me is the bottom. It always seems to crawl up somewhere it shouldn´t, and I just hate it. But here, in my home-sewn version, I was able to adjust it more fitting to my pear-shaped body. The bottom simply stays in place better, and gives me the freedom to move around.




The first dip into the sea is always the coldest! My body doesn´t seem to remember from last summer what it is like, and that it really isn´t as bad, after all, as it seems at first. This is not a smile on my face, it´s a grin of horror! But what a liberating feeling it is to finally soak in the water, the waves caressing my skin. I just love the sea!
  The summer vacation season is upon us. Let´s enjoy swimming, and the summer, either in a one- or a two-piece!

Happy days!