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Summer reveries



And the livin’ is easy…


Although at times Mother Nature does her best to hide it these days, if you look at her you can’t deny summer has finally arrived! Later than we are used to, but the trees are blossoming, the grass is green and high, and summer flowers are colouring our gardens and parks. So beautiful!

In summer nature looks at her best with the sun shining in a blue sky where a solitary cloud seems lost. Away with the thick winter coats, roaming around freely with your bare feet on the grass. Time for vacations and outside recreation, a barbecue with family or friends and staying outside until late on a sultry summer evening…


That paints a nice picture, doesn’t it? Although it definitely appeals to me, summer is my least favourite season. Often people are surprised to hear that and have trouble understanding.  In pagan circles I was told ‘witches should like all seasons; they are all appearances of Mother Earth’. Well, in fact I do love all seasons, just not equally as much…


I love summer, until it becomes warmer than ± 23°C (73°F). Above that temperature I don’t feel comfortable anymore. As the temperature rises, my energy level  drops. When others go out to enjoy the sun, I stay inside with fans around me and cool drinks and ice cubes within reach. Around 30°C (86°F) I really feel sick: dizzy, nauseous, etc.

Even as a child I had a preference for cold over heat, hence winter over summer. Even though I could handle heat much better than I’m able to now, I loved winter more. Cold, ice and… snow! Playing outside in the snow, ice-skating on the frozen waters… A healthy Dutch winter girl! We had longer and colder winters back then, some 35 years ago. When everybody was fed up with it after weeks of snow, I only wanted more. Well, nothing has changed there!


A lot of witches try to live in accordance with nature and the seasons as much as possible. I’ve heard and read the standard explanation very often. ‘Winter is a passive time to go inside (literally and figuratively), to study, contemplate things, etc. Summer is an active time to go out, meet people, do things, etc.’ or something of the like. I understand that feels right for a lot of people. For me it simply doesn’t work that way, on the contrary: I do it exactly the other way around. That is my way to live in accordance with nature, adapted to my own experience and well-being.  I love the beach, but you’ll hardly find me there in summer. Surely not during the day, sometimes after 10 pm when most people have gone home.  In winter I love to go, whether there are storms or driving rains, snow and ice or a blue sky and winter sun… All good!


This year’s spring and summer have been good to me with autumn-like and even winter-like weather. Somehow it feels different though, like it is the right weather at the wrong time. People need sunshine, especially after winter. When it doesn’t come at the excepted moment and they get rain and cold instead, it’s hard to handle both mentally and physically. People get sick, are grumpy, feeling down.  And then suddenly… a sunny day! They recover, activate and smile. Yes, me too. I love the feeling of the sun growing stronger. We all need it.


Reverting to the first quote that witches should love all seasons… I dislike sentences that start with ‘witches should…’ because I don’t like to be told what to do, feel or think. Other than that I think most witches are definitely able to see the charms and purpose of each season. The in-between seasons are wonderful too. Spring, when nature wakes up after a long sleep with young animals and trees sprouting up. And autumn, with harsh wind, pouring rain and thunderstorm. Ah, I enjoy those so much… Autumn is my runner up. My list is winter – autumn – spring – summer.

So yes, I’m a good witch, I enjoy all seasons! 😉

May the long-time sun shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light that’s within you

Guide you on your way

(old Irish blessing)