Book Review: Stones of the Seven Rays by Michel Coquet

Stones of the Seven Rays

By Michel Coquet

© 2012 by Inner Traditions International

ISBN: 978-1-59477-433-1

339 pages

Paperback $24.95 (U.S.)

This book holds an amazing amount of information. It is divided into two parts, the first an esoteric discussion of the history of the seven stones and the second part is detailed information on each of the seven stones.

Most are aware that stones have been used since man first picked one up to use as a tool or weapon. The author also shows how stones have been used throughout history for a variety of purposes including defending self, eating, healing, mortuary rites, fertility and more.

The discussion starts with India and the use of gems for healing the sick, confirming authority, decorations and more. The beauty, density, radiance, power and more are thought to be part of the attributes of incarnate deity or their avatar. When it comes to healing, it is common for Hindus to wear rings with nine jewels that represent seven planets and two lunar modes to dispel negative aspects.

Although knowledge of the Seven Rays and stones has been in use for ages, it was mostly kept by Mystery Schools and not generally shared. The Seven Rays covers what was considered to be twelve planets. This includes Vulcan, the Sun and Moon added with the rest of the planets.  Detailed charts show the correspondences to the Seven Rays. These include the planets, chakras, esoteric and exoteric planet and color, guiding angel, day, senses, musical scale, human and divine principle and more.

In religion one important aspect is the Rays appear in cycles phasing in and out of manifestation. A chart shows how where each Ray is ranging from the first which is not currently in manifestation to the sixth which is phasing out to the fourth which will come into manifestation in 2025 CE. There is a discussion on the four kingdoms of nature, plant, animal, mineral and human with each having a ray or part of a ray used to develop along an evolutionary path toward a fraternity of perfect souls.

The second part of the book has more detailed information on the stones connected to the Seven Rays. These stones are diamond, sapphire, emerald, jasper, topaz, ruby and amethyst. With each stone there is a discussion of the connection of the stone to a ray, metal, sense, human principle, divine principle, esoteric and exoteric color as well as healing, power and substitutes. In an epilogue there is information on two additional stones, pearl and lodestone, believed to have therapeutic properties and unrecognized spiritual powers.

This book contains an incredible amount of information that is both interesting and of use. Whether one is interested in history or practical use of the Seven Rays and the stones, this book has it all.