September’s Book of Seasons


Yea!  Fall is finally here!  I adore the fall with its change in weather and amazing food in the farmer’s market.  Apples are everywhere as are pumpkins.  It is the sparkle of

Samhain just around the corner that makes September so happily anticipated in my house!


Our affirmation for September is

I find my balance and restore my energy.


The world is a constantly changing environment full of noise and all things artificial.  We who look to nature for grounding and spiritual wisdom can have a hard time locating sacred space.  I propose we consider the simple idea of using the power of intent and an organic apple to center ourselves.


If you cut an apple in half around it’s circumference, it will reveal a star. When viewed as a whole you will discover a pentagram.  With a single apple in your hand you hold the mystery of Gaia.  Blessing the apple brings sacredness to the simple act of eating.   I love the quiet in-breath of a blessing.  Here is a morning prayer my daughter learned in Waldorf kindergarten.  It feels perfect for fall!


Good morning Dear Earth, Good morning Dear Sun,

Good morning Dear Trees and Stones every one,

Good morning Dear Beasts and Birds in the Tree

Good morning to You and Good Morning to me!


Let’s look at food for September.

Cooking and preparing apples are not in my skill set mainly because I do not care for cooked fruit.  My husband does not understand seeing how he comes from the “fruit belt” of this country and his mother was a great cook!  But apples are the perfect food for September and I do slice them and dry them by stringing them.  They are then ready for trail mix or breakfast cereal or just simply snacking on.   Plus they look so pretty hanging in the windows along with my herbs.  There will be plenty of time spent dehydrating herbs and preparing medicinal salves, honey and supplements.  Like the squirrels, fall is the time to take stock and prepare.

There will be a lot of work to do in order to prepare for winter, but for now, enjoy the perfectly balanced energy of September!