Paranormal Path

In The Shadows
     We’ve all had it happen, you see a dark shadow from the corner of your eye, but as soon as you turn to look at it straight on, it’s gone.  Almost as if it dove out of sight on purpose, but how could that be?  There is an even more alarming experience.  Something startles you awake in the middle of the night, you see a dark shadow standing at the foot of the bed, watching you.  This has to be a trick of the light or maybe you’re not fully awake and your eyes need to adjust right?  Not necessarily.
     There have been numerous reports of these shadow beings, also called shadow people or shadow men.  Even more numerous are the theories regarding their intentions for visiting us.  Sightings differ; some witness a thin wispy shadow, barely holding a form that seems to float away quickly, into the darkness.  Some even seem to go through walls or up into the ceiling.  These appear to be the most common sightings.  They seem to avoid contact at all costs and are not happy about being spotted.
     Another type that is commonly seen is much more confident.  They are human like in form, usually appear to be male as most of these beings, yet they do not seem to hide so quickly.  Some have reported coming face to face, or shall I say “faceless”, with them or seeing them standing very still in the corner of a room, barely noticeable at first.  Then you see it, this shadow is much darker than any other shadow in the room.  There have been sightings of a much more sinister type of shadow being, usually appearing in a fedora type hat or even a cloak at times.  Some have even said they’ve witnessed glowing red or green eyes, or no eyes at all just vacant black holes.
     So many different types of these beings but what are they?  Once again, theories abound.  The most common is these beings are from another dimension and come in and out to simply learn and observe.  Another very common suspicion is that these are a type of alien, visiting from another planet, but again just to watch, as if we were their own personal reality show.  Less talked about is the theory that these beings may be the result of someone else’s astral projection trip.  If someone does manage to have an out of body experience would their astral body appear as a dark faceless shadow?   The more sinister “hat man” or “cloaked” beings have been called demons, or even omens, warning someone that they are of ill health or about to pass on, especially since the cloaked form resembles a grim reaper .  Even the size of the shadow can differ usually from three feet to six feet and how often they appear can also range.  Some people will see them almost daily for a few years and then not at all.  Children may see them often but never as adults.
     When they choose not to ignore you, the actual encounters are rare but leave a lasting impression, people report feeling frightened and drained of energy, as if the being is absorbing your emotions into themselves.  If touched, these shadow entities can feel like pure electricity or even several degrees colder.  The rare malicious ones will try to intimidate the “victim” making them feel as if they are surrounded by darkness, suffocating, or even brief paralysis such as Old Hag Syndrome.  Bite wounds, and scratches have been reported in these attacks but so few of them have occurred or have been brought to the public’s attention.   One of my favorite explanations are these shadow people are a type of “men in black” who appear after a UFO or alien sighting to intimidate the witness to forget what they saw .
     Whatever they are, they have been a huge topic of conversation in the paranormal community.  Very few have actually been photographed and though they are human-like but not human or known to vocalize, EVPs cannot be taken.  Hopefully more solid information will be available one day, we can learn just as much from them as they can from us.