Get out of a rut and get going!

It’s back-to-school time and the kids are ready…but we’re like… “What?”  Too much to coordinate; too much running around to do; appointments; vaccinations; recordkeeping; scheduling; taking care of the house…and all the business that that requires; cooking dinners; let alone preparing for the “homework fun” each night…; AND, to boot, it’s still hot out there!  Our bodies are still screaming Summer!!!!  What’s up with this; and what’s more, how do we get motivated when the air is thick, sluggish, muggy and warm and everyone’s moving in slow motion?  Now, maybe it’s not so hot/warm where you are, but it sure is here in California! We have fires raging all over as this is being typed.  I know too from the weather forecasts that much of the nation right now is in a bit of a warm sluggish spell (pardon the pun) and it hasn’t yet turned the corner to Fall where the briskness of the air helps with the ‘motivation factor.’

So… what’s a witch to do?

Well, first off, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.  I know, that doesn’t really do it for ya, does it?  Well, it’s a start.

Now, I normally write my own spells.  This spell in its original form (not printed that way here, was originated by Nancy Bennett in 2008.)  I have tweaked it quite a bit, which I believe is enough to constitute this as being an original now, but want to give credit to Nancy as being my muse in this.  Thanks Nancy!  Whoever you are!

What you will need (this is a motivational…get your *** moving spell.)J:

Color to focus on:  Blue and Yellow
Incense or Aromatherapy to use: Either Tangerine, Grapefruit or Orange and a teeny tiny tad of Rosemary.

1.  What is it you want to change (yes, I know you want to get moving and get out of this funk you’re in….but be specific.  What exactly do you want; i.e., physical energy, spiritual energy; healing; creativity; organizational skills; etc….—Remember to use “positives” in terms of what you WANT, don’t think of things you “Don’t Want.”  This will be counterproductive to the spell.  Keep the things you want to ONE LINE.  It can be more than one thing, but write out only ONE LINE on the either the blackboard or child’s notebook paper.


2.  Okay, what you’re going to do.  As soon as you wake up, you’re going to write down what you want (keep it to one or two things) on a child’s blackboard or notepad (i.e., a dollar store blackboard; or a hello kitty note pad, etc.) – IF YOU MUST, you may get your coffee first, lol!


3.  Place the note pad opened to the page you are writing on, or the blackboard in a prominent place where you will see it continually throughout the day as you go about your daily routine.


4.  Do this for 7 days.  Every day, write down the same thing on the next line that you are trying to attain/the thing(s) you want and place the board/notebook back in the prominent place.


5.  At the end of seven days (you should have seven lines written that you have walked past, viewed, seen throughout the days’ activities…right?)


Now…chant softly with firm intent in a quiet place by yourself with the notebook or blackboard in hand:

Seven times, I have set my goal,
by strength of mind, this goal I’ll know.
Erased or torn, like dust to wind,
it’s active now and shall begin.

Now, doing this outside, wipe the slate (the chalkboard) clean with the eraser or cloth OR tear up the sheet in tiny pieces and blow the pieces off the center of your hand into the spirit winds.  A clean slate has begun and it is currently being manifested into your reality as soon as you have done this.  This spell is best made during the waxing Moon to Full Moon.


Every morning, when you first open your eyes, say only this line from your spell (with a slight tweak to the tense) to reaffirm and help manifest your intent:


“It’s Active Now and Has Begun.”


Say this every morning for 30 days.  It’s not hard.  Put a note by your nightstand or mirror in the bathroom so you remember.  30 days.  Do it!


Remember two things.  Spells take SOME WORK on your part.  Second, your INTENT and FORTITUDE are everything.


I hope you enjoyed this one and that it helps get your September off to a good roll.  Remember the wonderful Sabbat of Mabon is this month and don’t forget to decorate your home, your altar space and such with all the marvelous colors of Fall to help inspire you throughout the darkening of this season of introspection.


May you be blessed and see you next month!