Paranormal Path

Improve Your Chances Of Spirit Communication
     So, you want to be a ghost hunter.  You have picked your location and of course have permission to investigate the area.  You have done your research on the history of the location, such as who lived or worked there and if they passed on, you know how it happened.  You have extensive notes on the type of activity reported and the camera, flashlights and digital recorder are ready.  However, none of this will guarantee you will experience an encounter.  Many times investigators come up empty handed; it takes time, patience and persistence.  So how do you improve your chances of experiencing paranormal activity?
     You may not be aware if the activity is residual or intelligent until you get started.  Once you have done your research it is a good idea to bring a few “props” with you to aid in the communication process.  For example, if the reports are of the ghost of a child you may want to bring a few toys with you and attempt to coax the child into playing.  Leave the toys behind and return later to see if anything has been moved or altered in any way.  Young spirits are often shy and hide.  Another example would be if you know the spirit is of a person who liked to play poker, bring a set of cards with you and sit down to a game as if you know someone is joining you.  Make sure you have the digital recorder and cameras ready.
     Certain tools can also be used to detect immediate responses.  If the spirit is strong enough it can make the temperature in the room drop or raise and if you have an EMF detector it can come in handy.  Spirits pull energy to manifest and this will affect the temperature as well as the surrounding electromagnetic field.  If these tools are not available to you there are more simple techniques.  Try to loosen the bottom of your flashlight enough that it takes a slight touch to bring the light back on.  Lay the flashlight down on a steady surface and begin communicating.  Explain that if they touch the flashlight and make it come on, that is a yes answer.  Be patient, remember some spirits are from a time so long ago that this is all new technology; it may take a moment to figure it out.  A simple call bell works as well, one ring for yes and two for no.
     How you communicate is also crucial.  At times the spirit does not realize they are no longer part of the living world.  Try speaking to them as if you are part of their old life.  If they were once a nurse, try speaking to them as if you’re a patient in need.  Were they part of an old war?  If so, try speaking about the battle they were a part of as if it is still occurring.  Another point to keep in mind is the possibility there may be a language barrier pending on the location.
     There may come a time when the spirit is angry or had a violent past.  Take great caution with how you approach these situations.  For example if they were a former prisoner, you may want to act as though you are on their side instead of one of the prison guards.  Provoking is another popular technique but not always recommended.   At times the investigator is so caught up in trying to get evidence that they will become aggressive with the entity, calling it a coward or challenging it to do something to prove its’ existence.  There have been reports of spirits scratching, biting or even physically pushing investigators.  Do not risk your safety for the sake of proof.
     One of the most common mistakes occurs when you do finally make contact.  It can be very exciting if the spirit is able to play, ring the bell, or turn on the light but don’t stop the session there.  Continue asking important questions for as long as possible.  The energy the spirit has to manifest can be very short lived so time is everything, use it wisely.  If you hear a noise, remain quiet to try to determine the source and direction, you may want to communicate with fellow investigators right away but try to refrain until the activity has ceased.  You may want to use hand gestures to ask if they heard or witnessed the same things.
     Even with all these tricks you may still go away empty handed.  If it is a residual haunting it is not going to be able to communicate because it is simply like a silent movie playing over and over, unaware of your presence.  Spirits that are part of an intelligent haunting are what we all hope to connect with, to get evidence, gain knowledge, and even help the ghost move on.  This takes time, so if the first session is not a success simply try again.