Connecting with Nature

Falling in Love with Autumn


We are well into autumn and many of us will be preparing for the winter months soon. I find this time of year festive and pretty with the leaves changing colours. With the cooler temperatures I find I stay indoors more often than I am outside. To help embrace the change in season and get outside, here are some ideas:


Go for a hike and bring your camera to capture all the beautiful colours.


Go apple picking and bake something yummy like apple pie or apple coffee cake muffins!



Clean up the garden or yard outside. Put away outdoor furniture, compost leaves, and plant colder weather flowers such as pansies. The pansies help add colour and life once all the leaves have fallen.


Bring some of the outdoors inside by making a fall centre piece or other decoration.



Enjoy a pumpkin latte or pumpkin chai tea.


Put up a bird feeder to attract birds to your yard and to help them prepare for winter. Just be careful you don’t attract bears!



Go to the farmer’s market and shop for food that’s in season.


Start shopping for the holidays.