November’s Cornucopia


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a cornucopia is a goat horn overflowing with fruit and grain as a symbol of abundance: an inexhaustible source.


I automatically think of baskets woven as “horns of plenty” on tables and store displays as the American Thanksgiving holiday approaches.  I have to admit that as a pagan I love the idea of a goat horn being the symbol: a symbol that Gaia provides abundantly and unceasingly.  We know that in our heads and sometimes struggle to remember that in our hearts as the reality of day to day living unfolds.


Our affirmation is


I am part of Gaia’s cornucopia: an inexhaustible source of peace and power right where I am and just as I am.


Bringing baskets of nuts, leaves, acorns and wee pumpkins into our home is a lovely way to be reminded of the constant giving of nature.  Giving thanks before each meal and upon waking and sleeping increases, I believe, the gifts we receive as well as pass to others.  Setting aside one day to be thankful puts a lot of pressure on us to be perfect.  Thanksgiving is something we can practice with each breath our whole lives.  Perhaps breath itself is a gift each of us has been given that is our cornucopia in the truest sense.


Let us breathe deep everyday in thanks for the obvious gifts surrounding us as well as the quiet gifts within each of us.


Brightest blessings to each of you as you share in and give from the cornucopia of this beautiful world.