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Samhain fashion: hat and neck warmer

It is the beginning of winter and freezing days are upon us. To fight the cold I used my favorite winter material, fleece fabric, to make a neck warmer and a hat to match.

Black is the main color in my Samhain palette, as it is in nature. Nature and the eight Sabbats are an unlimited source of inspiration for me.

Fleece is awesome! It is cheap, easy to work with, soft, and oh, so warm.

Both, the hat and neck warmer, are made of fleece. White accentuates the black well by adding bold contrast. I made the hat using a regular “fisherman´s hat” pattern, which turns into any look by the coice of fabric. Here it brings to mind the 1800´s, when people dressed in black and wore top hats. Naturally, I updated that historic look to fit our modern days.
Samhain is the time of year for me to go back in time, remembering those friends and family who have passed away. Like my dearest grandfather two years ago. This look times back to around when his parents were born, the turn of the century. So not that far ago after all. Times, technology, and generations change, but pure style is forever!

In the back I kept the hat simple. It is overall a rather plain piece, because I want it to suit all of my Samhain outfits.

This neck warmer I´m especially happy about. It solves my problem of having a cold-sensitive neck, and putting it on doesn´t mess my hair. The secret is pieces of velcro in the back. No need to pull it up and down my head, but instead sophisticatedly wrap it around my neck, without disturbing my hair.


Here you can see the pieces alone. The neck warmer alone doesn´t seem to fit in my Samhain wardrobe, but the trick is in always combining it with the black coat, and it will work wonders.

  Both of these accessories are super easy to make, and don´t require much material, not to mention talent in sewing. This is a fun and creative way to spice up any wardrobe, to highlight your individual, unique style.
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Happy days!