Warrior Women


I have been in love with Wafa Sultan for several years now, ever since I watched a video of her speaking out against Sharia law and the repression of Muslim women. She is my original warrior woman. She inspires me and gives me the little push I need every once in a while, to stop whining and get on with life.

Ms Sultan was born in Syria in 1958. She studied at university to become a doctor and later, with her husband and children, emigrated from her homeland to the U.S.

When I sat down to research this warrior woman, I discovered there is not a great deal of information out there about her personal life. I don’t blame her for keeping her family out of the spotlight. Who needs it.

What I did find out is that she is a tireless, outspoken critic of the traditional role forced upon Muslim women. She not only was a first-hand witness to the emotional, psychological and physical abuses of women in Syria (as a doctor she was privy to many women’s stories), but suffered, herself, under the repressive regime.

In 2006, Ms Sultan was named one of Time  magazine’s Time 100, the “men and women whose power, talent or moral example is transforming our world.”

I say Brava! to Ms Wafa Sultan.

Here is a link to a speech given by Ms Sultan in 2012. It is long, about twenty-five minutes, with a question period afterwards. The whole video is forty-eight minutes in length. I urge you, very strongly, to watch the entire video. You will get a better sense of what she is all about.