Astro Report for January 2014

Notable Holidays – New Year’s Day

Wednesday, January 1, 201400:00:01 am EST

Sun in Capricorn – 10 degrees

Today is the day to make resolutions, right? And the most difficult thing is keeping your promises (to yourself). And as it happens, the Moon is caught square between its Nodes, which can specifically challenge you emotionally for the skills you need to hone and the talents you have already peaked. You may question yourself whether you have mastered them enough or if you need to enhance them even further. Mercury might be able to help you make a decision… It has just entered Capricorn, so thoughts will make you consider any decision with caution and practical effort.


In simple terms, your decisions will be based on logical reasoning. And you will make the right decision the first time, because you will mull over the idea with conviction. Trust your instincts to make the right decision for those annual resolutions.



New Moon in Capricorn – 10 degrees

Wednesday, January 1, 20146:13 am EST

Emotional bliss or blah? The New Moon can be a blessing due to the emotional change of pace, but Capricorn can put a stopper on this energy. Emotions offer new hope with practical measures. Be patient with those variable changes that you were expecting. They won’t be swift and sure as you anticipated, but emotional change is due to happen. Those resolutions are still attainable!



Sun conjuncts Pluto

Wednesday, January 1, 20141:20 pm EST

The Sun moves faster in the sky than Pluto does, so its effects aspect upon Pluto. The personality traits of the Sun can burden the transformational energies of Pluto. The ego can be stubborn when it comes to making adjustments and changes in one’s life. When we start looking at making resolutions for the coming New Year, we tend to fight the urge to make those changes for the better, but in fact it is our ego that stands in the way of progress. If you can step aside from the mundane and truly see what others see in you, you will be able to make the right changes in your life and transform into something that is beyond belief. The mystery of your life is within your mind alone. Harness the power of change and, behold, you will become enlightened.



Period of January 1 thru January 2, 2014

Stellium of 5 Planets in Capricorn

When the Moon enters Capricorn during its Balsamic Period, there are 4 other Planets in Capricorn – Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the Sun. The Moon cascades its energy across these Planets attempting to stir up emotional trouble. A Stellium is when 3 or more Planets share the same Sign or House. And in this case, the Stellium of 5 Planets transitions across several houses throughout the 2 day span.


Capricorn typically enjoys a serene walk in the woods. It is cautious, yet ambitious about its travel. Planets that enter Capricorn begin to humble themselves a bit and move thru the Sign with caution as well. When these 5 Planets are in position, we have to examine their inner most energies and how they are manipulated by the Sign.


The Sun is robust and full of energy, but tones it down. It takes on a practical approach. This sudden burst of energy infiltrates the other Planets as well. Mercury’s communication skills can share the ambition, but with passive strength. Venus enjoys being affectionate, but with an air of conservation. Pluto wants to make changes, but only when it has to – and only then will it make inhibited changes.


For the first couple of days of the New Year, folks will want to make changes within their personal lives, but there has to be a distinct reason. And folks will only follow through on their resolutions with passive ambition and caution. After the Moon and Mercury go beyond Capricorn, will we begin to see positive reactions to the changes we make within ourselves. So don’t let the first couple of days bewilder you.



Retrograde Venus conjuncts the Sun in Capricorn – 21 degrees

Saturday, January 11, 20147:13 am EST

As the Planets fly around the Sun, the Earth’s perspective sees them moving forward or backward (retrograde) thru space. As a faster Planet approaches a slower Planet, it is “applying” energy. As those Planets meet up (conjunct) and pass each other, it is called “separating” energy. There is a Doppler Effect during this phase of energy. As the Planets near each other, the energies build up and condense, making the energies feel overwhelming and concentrated. As the energies separate, the Doppler Effect seems to dissipate – like the sound of a fire truck siren as it approaches and drives past.


Double applying and separating energies occur when a Retrograde Planet applies toward another Direct Planet. They seem to be coming at each other with a terrifying force. The energy seems doubled and super-concentrated.


When Retrograde Venus conjuncts the Sun in Capricorn, we essentially have a double applying energy of affection and personalities meeting together. Where Retrograde Venus will offer deceit, dishonesty and unethical affection, the Sun pushes toward arrogance, aggression and dictating egotism. Until finally, KA-BOOM, they collide!!


Once these two Planets begin to separate – double separate, that energy will dissipate fast. There will be a moment when all will sigh a sound of relief. Ahhh……



Mercury enters Aquarius

Saturday, January 11, 20144:21 pm EST

Mercury is quite compatible with this Air Sign! You may find yourself with original thoughts and abstract ideas. Go with the flow and be yourself. If you have been working on a project, today will be a day that you will be able to get over that proverbial hump. Break out of that mental block you have been in…



Full Moon in Cancer – 25 degrees

Wednesday, January 15, 201411:51 pm EST

Emotions can run high when the Moon is in its ruling House. Full Moon energies are just as devastating, too! So, here is a Full Moon in its ruling House of Cancer. Emotions will be running amok! It’s a Wednesday – middle of the week – folks will be ready for the weekend for sure. Kids are back in school getting educated. Time to buckle down and hit the books! But keep it safe…



Native Lore

The Algonquian’s Wolf Moon is a lone Moon. The Wolf tends to come out of its den and seek food for sustenance throughout the winter, but the Full Moon in January can show off a blanket of snow on the ground, making it rather difficult to find food. The lonely Wolf bays at the Full Moon to express his feelings for hunger and for the illuminating Moon on the snow. The Wolf Moon tends to have more howling wolves than any other.


The Old Moon shows how dark and still the nights can be during the winter months. With nary a soul to share the blistering cold, the Moon shines above with a light that beckons, but folks and animals alike stay sheltered against the bitter cold. So, the Full Moon shines high above like an old man of the sky – like an Old Moon.



Sun enters Aquarius – Happy Birthday, Aquarius!!

Sunday, January 19, 201410:40 pm EST

If Mercury’s energy wasn’t enough to get you thru those mental blocks, then the Sun will boost you past those issues and then some. You will find today to be one of those days where you will be able to conquer any mental block. Creativity and intellectual acuity and lucidity will abound! Personalities are honed when the Sun sits in Aquarius.



New Moon in Aquarius – 10 degrees

Thursday, Jan 30, 20144:38 pm EST

This is the 2nd New Moon for January. However, it is NOT considered a Black or Lilith Moon due to its quantity within the Winter Season. In every season, there are 3 New Moons. January hosts the 1st and 2nd New Moons of the Winter Season. There are no New Moons in February and the 3rd New Moon of Winter will occur in early March. There is a 2nd New Moon in March, but it will be within the Spring Season and, again, doesn’t count towards a Black or Lilith Moon. The next possible Black Moon or Lilith Moon won’t happen until 2015 during the Fall, but I still have to research that bit more closely.


It is extremely unique that there are two New Moons in January and again in March in 2014. However, that is the only thing unique about those doubled New Moons.



Solar Flares of January 2014

Solar Flare Eruptions from the Sun are cyclic and random. When they erupt from the Sun, they can cause chaos within the solar system. Radio blackouts and disruptions of GPS grids and other electronic devices are typical. However, what of the non-physical and meta-physical? Our bodies are bio-electrical and it would be obvious that Solar Flare Eruptions would affect us on the physical level.


Coronal Mass Eruptions (CME’s) have an effect on our physical bodies that can cause headaches, delirium, mental blocks and severe mood swings, making our bodies shut down and get tired. CME’s affect the Pineal Gland, which produces melatonin, the hormone that can cause sleepiness. To counter-balance these effects, one has to use physical exercise and mental agility to reduce the effects. However, a nap in the afternoon isn’t a bad thing occasionally… SMILE


No Planets go Retrograde in January 2014.


No Planets go Direct in January 2014.