January Correspondences

herbs: marjoram, holy thistle, nuts and cones

Colors: brilliant white, blue-violet, black

Flowers: carnation, crocus, snow drop

Scents: musk, mimosa

Stones: garnet, onyx, jet, chrysoprase

Trees: birch

Animals: fox, coyote

Birds: pheasant, blue jay

Spirits:  gnomes & brownies

Deities: Freya (Norse); Innana, Sin and Antu (Sumeria); Saravati (Hindu); Hera and Irene (Greece); Ch’ang-O (China); Felicitas; Janus, Pax and Venus (Rome)

Power Areas: Sluggish, below the surface, beginning and conceiving, protection, reversing spells, Conserve energy by working on your own personal problems that involve no one else.
Time to work on new goals.