Connecting with Nature

Water for Life


Water is one of the five elements and sacred in so many ways. It brings life, promotes healing and purification. Water is important for most living things, without it humans would perish. We rely on water for our bodies in various ways such as regulating pH, digestion, transporting oxygen and nutrients to cells, removing waste, lubricating joints, electrolyte balance, temperature regulation and much more. Not only do we ingest it, we also use it for cooking, washing, cleaning, recreation and growing food.



About 70% of the earth’s surface is water and that amount stays relatively the same each year as the water gets recycled. Of the water sources, approximately 97.5% of it is saltwater while about 2.5% of it is freshwater. Most freshwater (69.5%) is found in ice while the rest is deep groundwater (30%) and surface water (0.39%). Canada and the United States are in the top five countries to have to most freshwater and the United States is in the top five countries to consume the most freshwater.

Threats to our water ecosystems include but are not limited to exploitation of resources (over fishing etc), pollution, building on coastal areas, logging and too much used for irrigation.



Things We Can Do to Support Our Aquatic Ecosystems:

–       Support sustainable fishing, including buying canned tuna that has been caught by pole and line as opposed to longlines and trawling which catch many other species as well as the tuna they are intended for. Pole and line means that tuna is caught one by one and no other species are harmed in the process;

–       Protect streams and creeks in your area by not building too close, keeping vehicles out of them and picking up garbage around them;

–       Coordinate beach cleanups;

–       Dispose of chemicals properly instead of pouring them down the drain;

–       Use environmentally friendly cleaners;

–       Recycle and buy reusable products as it takes water to produce most items;

–       Cut down on your water footprint.


This is just a small example of how important water is to us. The next time you’re near a source of water from the earth like a stream or the ocean, reach into it and feel its energy. Focus on it until you feel the energy flow through you. Let it energize you and wash your stresses away.





It is clear that inner peace is the principal cause of happiness. We can observe this in our daily lives. On days when we are calm and happy, even if difficulties arise or we fall victim to a mishap, we take it well, it doesn’t bother us unduly. But on days when we feel sad or have lost our usual calmness, the least little annoyance will take on enormous proportions and be deeply upsetting to us.
~ Dalai Lama




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