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Magick for the Elemental Witch

by Deanna Anderson

paperback 320 pages

Publisher: New Gaia Press


Deanna Anderson is an accomplished author who has written several books on subjects that are relevant to the modern pagan. Recently, I had the opportunity to read her book titled Magick for the Elemental Witch.  This book covers a topic that is essential to any magickal practitioner,working with elemental energies.  Every witch learns, with her/his first circle, how to call forth and honor the elements.


In reading this book I was very impressed by the amount of well researched information that the author presented. Not only does she cover traditions within the long and diverse history of paganism, but she also discusses traditions that span cultures across the globe.  I was impressed with the thoroughness with which the author presented the information.

For the traditional elements; earth, air, fire, water, and Spirit there is a section where each is explored at length.  It begins with a historical overview of the element in question. This section is followed by several rituals and exercises that the practitioner can use to deepen their work and understanding. I found that the rituals not only interested me, but they inspired me in my work with the elements.


It is my belief that the basics are important to revisit regularly, as any practice is only as strong as is the foundation. This book is not geared only for a beginner or neophyte, but has information that is well organized and presented and can help any level practitioner in their practice.