MoonOwl Observations


            A Poppet is a doll created in the likeness of another person which is used to cause change. There are also poppets that are created for the betterment of the earth, and in cases like that a Poppet will be made to look like, for example, a Goddess like Gaia. They are very connected to Goddess magick because of the creative expression and insight in the creation, and the actual breaking of life into the Poppet.

Poppets have been used for thousands of years and are often feared in society. They have many other names like “Fetish, Mommet, Moppet, Bud-will and Pippie, but are unfortunately associated to evil and the devil. This has led to Poppets being seen as ‘’voodoo’’dolls, and that people use them to cause pain. The story behind voodoo dolls is something that I may come back to another time.

Like most things, Poppets haven’t been used for good and as with all Magick, the power and outcome of the spell lay in the hands of the individual. Poppets are typically used for positive Magick like healing, protection and fertility. One must also take into the account of Karma and the power of three/Law of Return. It’s a lot easier to cause positive change than it is negative because Poppets are a form of ‘’sympathetic’’Magick. Never work to cause harm to others, work for ego, or work to influence another’s free-will. And, you should always have sufficient cause to create a Poppet.

A Poppet should be made during the Waxing of Full moon due to the face that you should make it during the time of positive Magick. They can be made of various materials like wood, clay, paper, cloth, wax of plant root.( If you’ve seen Pan’s Labyrinth there is a Poppet made of Mandrake’s root). It should be decorated and/or stuffed with items connected to that person. You can fill your Poppet with herbs, stones, paper, or anything else that suits your needs. The more work you put into it, the stronger your link to the goal will be. Once that is done it is than associated with the aim of the spell.

Poppets are often regarded as ‘’’Magickal child’s’’ as you are symbolically its parent. The more intent you are on birthing the Poppet, the more effective it will be. You should care for the Poppet like you would a human child until the purpose of your Poppet is fulfilled. Only than should the link between the person and the Poppet be broken, and once that happens you need to dispose of it carefully and with respect.

Merry meet! I’m Jazz and I’m a Canadian oddball. I love roller derby, kickboxing, spending time with my dog and husband & love all things art, craft and pagan! I was raised by a Roman Catholic family but discovered Buddhism, then Paganism while in elementary school and have followed the Pagan path ever since. My main deity is Gaia as she approached me in a dream and I feel a very strong connection to her. I love working with runes and absorbing knowledge and working on my never ending book of shadows. I have always been drawn to the arts & have done many crafts and randomness for as long as I can remember. I find it peaceful and it helps settle my mind. I enjoy drawing, painting, cross stitching, doll making, jewelry making and more! I hope to spread my love and passions with others and put as much positivity in the world as possible. Feel free to check out my Facebook and Instagram! Thanks for popping by and Blessed Be!