Musings of a Hereditary Witch

Witchy Wednesday™

Back in the 90’s, I was one of the first in my area to hold a Pagan/Witch discussion group. In the 60’s these were called ‘Salons’ and today we mostly know them as Meet & Greets. I created Witchy Wednesday at a time when there was a need for a safe place (I chose my home) for people to gather, meet other like minded people and hold intelligent discussions. This was a moderated group, all paths were welcome, but also a tolerance for other people’s beliefs was important.

We would meet on the second Wednesday of each month for a couple of hours in the evening. For the first hour we discussed a prearranged topic. Then we’d take a short break for those needing to stretch their legs. The last hour was open for Q & A. This second half was important for there was a diverse group of pagan paths attending.

There were the regular attendees: an Arch Druidess, an Asatru *Godi, a Heathen, an Irish pagan and a Mixed-Magic Magician. On occasion we had what was affectionately called The Pagan Debating Team, which consisted of the Arch Druidess on one side and the Asatru Godi on the other. One could learn much from listing to the two debate culture and history. None of this was ever done out of spite or ended in hurt feelings, it was just good passionate discussion.

Many people of varying paths attended Witchy Wednesday: Witches, First Peoples/Native Americans, Strega, Celtic, Norse, a Voodoo Priestess, Gypsies, a former Satanist, an elderly Catholic woman, Buddhist, Santeria, Polynesian, Shamans, some who put no label to their beliefs and those still searching. The most incredible thing about all these varied peoples and paths was that no one was proclaiming their path was older, better or that this is how it’s suppose to be done. For those couple of hours we were all a community of teachers and students.

After 10 years, Witchy Wednesday went on hiatus when my living situation changed causing me to find a monetary job. Today, I still run into people who had once attended the Witchy Wednesdays and who want to reminisce about what they learned, the fun they had and the friends they made.

I myself have been missing the Witchy Wednesday gatherings and feel that a 9 year hiatus is long enough. It’s time, once again, to create that safe space that Witchy Wednesday offered to all pagan paths to discuss, share, learn and laugh with other like minded people.

Will you be attending?

Blessings on Your Hearth & Home,

*Godi: a Norse Priest or Chieftain (per my understanding)