NATURE ALCHEMY ~ A Journey to Yourself


~ Gift of Freedom ~


I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes.

Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running free.

Author Unknown

This is a journey into the Gift of Freedom, a state of natural harmony with all life…and yourself…deep within the Universal Soul, of which you are a cherished and intimate part.  Allow yourself to go on this inner journey…into the Spirit of your Beautiful Infinite Self. For here is where you shall find your Truth.


Begin by getting comfortable. Find a space that feels at ease with your body. Allow yourself to get into a soft state of relaxation. Take some deep, healing, cleansing breaths…inhaling and exhaling…slowly and deeply…in and out…until you feel rested to begin your inward journey.  There is nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to go, nothing to figure out, nothing to decide. Just let it all go…let your mind cut loose of all the ties that bind. You are just here…right now…in this gentle state of relaxation, and it is good…it is peaceful…it is soothing…let yourself soften into this tranquil presence.


Allow yourself the gentle opening of your divine Gift of Imagination. It is a powerful tool that can guide you into the transformation of Self. Imagination is your inherent gift which can touch into the heavenly realms – a portal into worlds within and without – a safe space to explore and discover, to grow and embrace yourself, and the beauty of all life.


Now, imagine walking into a vast and beautiful open field. It is a wild, utterly beautiful natural space, where all life roams free. Look around, all around you, along the limitless horizon. Before you, in all directions, is infinite and untamed splendor. Your heart and spirit cannot help but to revel in it, for it is the flourishing, untainted glory of the natural life!


Imagine breathing its vibrant, embracing air into your lungs. It cleanses and refreshes your mind and body. You can begin to feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders in this harmonious place of pure earthly and heavenly power. Now you are able to feel an elation of spirit slowly rise, as you let go of the mundane… this is what Freedom feels like!


Now, imagine hearing a distant sound like earth-thunder coming into your awareness. It is getting closer and closer, louder and louder. You can feel it rumbling on the ground with your body. Suddenly, you can see at the incoming distance an endless stream, and its mighty force comes upon you swiftly. It is a herd of wild horses rushing in front of you! You are taken aback at this magnificent spectacle before your eyes. They are the Sublime Equine! They are the epitome of dynamic, unbridled energy. They instinctively charge with a divinely spontaneous freedom of spirit. Unexpectedly, you can hear a deep, powerful voice from the Spirit of Horse within, speaking boldly to you with a compelling sense of magnitude:



I am the Power of Freedom!

Come Fly with Me!

It is here where your Soul dwells…

Within the realms of Freedom.

Do not lose sight of this,

For if you do, you have lost Your Self!

Strive always for the Gift of Freedom

To be ever-present within.

It is for your great growth and pleasure…

A gift from the Divine!


As you hear the magnificent, transcendent voice subside, and the Sublime Equine fade in the distance, you are still in total awe of this divine intervention from Spirit. The Gift of Freedom is your birthright, your inheritance, your innate gift from the life essence fire. It is important, it is vital, it is significant. It is essential to your Well-Being! Do not forsake it, for it will undeniably lead you to the refreshment and growth of your Soul. Follow its path, always, and in all ways. From the source of its fountain, it will inspire and guide you to gain the power of bringing your gifts to the world. Never doubt the strength of your freedom of Self!



O my Soul, Freedom of my Soul…

How You have yearned to follow and grow!

I will, from here on, listen to You inside.

Deep inside…as You always speak to me,

To follow Thee!

You are truly Spirit leading me…

To the Power of My Self.

I Thank You, O Sublime Equine, for your Great Gift of Freedom

~ From Heaven Sweet Nature Springs ~