NATURE ALCHEMY ~ A Journey to Yourself



~ Gift of Adventure ~


No man ever steps in the same river twice,

for it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man. ~ Heraclitus

This is a journey into the Gift of Adventure, a state of natural harmony with all life…and yourself…deep within the Universal Soul, of which you are a cherished and intimate part.  Allow yourself to go on this inner journey…into the Spirit of your Beautiful Infinite Self. For here is where you shall find your Truth.


Begin by getting comfortable. Find a space that feels at ease with your body, and allow yourself to get into a soft state of relaxation. Take some deep, healing, cleansing breaths…inhaling and exhaling…slowly and deeply…in and out…until you feel rested to begin your inward journey. There is nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to go, nothing to figure out, nothing to decide. Just let it all go…let your mind release all the ties that bind…just for now. You are just here…right now…in this gentle state of rest, and it is good…it is peaceful…it is soothing. Let yourself soften into this quiet space.


Now, allow the gentle opening of your Divine Gift of Imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool which can guide you into the transformation of Self. Imagination is your spiritual inheritance which can touch into the heavenly realms – a portal into worlds within and without – a safe place to explore and discover…to grow and embrace yourself, and the beauty of all life.


Now, imagine sighting a great river in the distance. As you walk closer and closer, its vast expanse opens before your eyes. It is spectacular, it is magnificent…it is divine life flowing before you. This is the essence of Rolling River. It speaks of all the travels thru the millennia of time – by all humanity, and creatures of life. It shows you visions of discoveries and adventures unfolding – its course flowing thru eons of time. You can see the history of the world through this great Rolling River.


Now, imagine stepping into its cool, flowing waters. Its bed is soft with mud curling through your toes, and it feels good! As you slowly saunter within the river, you can see all sorts of little creatures living and breathing in and out of its body. It is incredible, the life it nourishes! You are one with their essence, in the Spirit of Rolling River.


Now, you can begin to feel the soul of discovery within this mighty being – the joy of encountering the adventure of life, always flowing – sometimes gently, sometimes rushing. And you can begin to realize that the possibility of adventure is always present…here in this great Rolling River of life. It speaks to you of these things:



Here I am…at your feet!

I am always here within.

For the adventure of life abounds…

In all direction…flowing, flowing.

From where you stand,

From where you start,

It is always a beginning.

And I flow through you.

Be with this discovery of Self,

In the ever-adventure of Life!

It is your right!


As you hear the expansive words subside, imagine them flowing through you, and around you. Let yourself begin to feel the energy of life’s precious moments offering the Gift of Adventure – at all times! It does not take the act of travel, but simply the awareness of your senses, offering the exquisite explorations of life. Sometimes delicate and subtle, sometimes surging and bold – but always potential discovery! The gifts of our world can unfold in adventurous joy when we embrace their infinite presence of love and beauty.


And now, a Prayer of Thanksgiving can be offered to this Divine Earth Being:



O Rolling River,

Magnificent Being!

I flow with and through you,

Amidst this moment of life.

You offer the world of adventure,

Everywhere…inner and outer.

Always flowing, always free, this world of discovery.

Of myself, and others…and into life’s sea.

Always for me to FEEL…and Be!

I thank you, O Rolling River, for your Great Gift of Adventure

~ From Heaven Sweet Nature Springs ~