Book Review: Spells: New and Selected Poems by Annie Finch



Spells: New and Selected Poems

by Annie Finch

© 2013 Annie Finch

ISBN: 978-0-8195-7269-1

232 pages

Hardcover $30.00 (U.S.)


Although this is not Annie Finch first book of poetry it is my first experience with her work. From the first few poems in this book I was captivated. This book is a collection of poems both new and ones collected over forty years.

The poems have a cadence that reads as speech but with a musical cadence that are experienced with both body and mind. This is not a book to be read quickly. With each poem I read I found myself stopping to absorb the full effect before moving on to the next.

Spells has poems that are lyrics, some are chants, some of performance pieces. I was intrigued by those pieces written for more than one voice. Those were the ones I would love to hear read by a group.

There does not appear to be an overall theme. The poems cover topics such as homebirth, butterflies, goddesses, creation story and more.

Overall, this is a book that can be read and reread gaining something new and wonderful with each reading. It is not a book to be read through quickly but one to be read slowly to enjoy and savor.