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Hag Stones

Hag stones go by many different names. Some of them are Witch stones, snake’s eggs, adder stones, Holy stones and Obin stones. These stones are unique and easy to spot as they have a natural hole through the rock. In order for it to be a true Hag stone, the hole must go all the way through and must also be made by nature, so it is not a true hag stone if you drill a hole through the rock.
It is considered to be very lucky to come across a Hag stone when you are going for a walk and just happen to stumble across one. Although you are lucky if you find one at all. The best Hag stones are the ones that come to you. If you find one it is believed to be a gift from the gods and that only the finder of the stone will be able to use the magick within.
Hag stones are believed to ward off the dead, curses, evil witches, sickness and nightmares. They are believed to be able to protect livestock and can be found on fishing boats to help aid those onboard to catch fish. They have been used for protection and fertility and you can use them in magick that connects us deeply to our ancestors. They can also protect one from the evil eye and can stand for a new beginning.
Hag stones are most commonly found along coastal points, beaches and streams. Due to this there is a strong connection to the element of water.
Hag stones are also believed to connect us to another world. If you look through the hole in the hag stone you can view the spirit or fae world. The stone itself represents the material world and the hole in the middle represents the spirit world, or the void.
If you come across a Hag stone, there are various things you can do with it. One of the most common is to hang it with a red string for protection. Whether this goes in your home, your car or one your body. If you happen to have a collection of hag stones, you can even thread them all on the same one.
I have been lucky enough to find a few in my life, but I lost them in a move a few years back and have been unable to stumble across one in my new city. I hope you can find some of your own as it is a beautiful gift from nature and I personally felt a stronger connection to the earth when I had one on me.

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