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Litha Fashion: Polka Dot Tunic


Nautical style is such a classic that it is always a fashionable summer look. Trends make the shapes and forms of the clothes change, but the style remains. You know, red-and-white and blue-and-white stripes, white pants, navy blue with white accents, etc.

In many cases I like to do things differently, but here I´m all in the same boat with everyone else. I simply love the nautical style, and it flows, along with the 1950´s theme, through pretty much my whole Litha Collection. Here is one way I like to wear it:






A classic feminine look of white polka dots on navy blue jersey, adorned with bright white stripes.





?Silly and fun loving as I am, I like to use Bratz coloring pictures when designing my outfits. They exaggerate and magnify beauty (although totally unnatural and unachievable in reality), and thus give a clear idea of what my goal is.






It is important to me that my clothes look good from the side view too. Often store-bought clothes are pictured only from the front, which does not show the whole truth (or should I say hides it =). Fashion today offers wide tops, that make me look pregnant. That´s another reason why I love to make my own tunics.






The back is the same as the front. ?This look needs no gimmicks.






The white stripes running across the sleeves and hemline are in fact of narrow cotton lace. It does not show until up close, and then offers a nice little surprise to the viewer. Plus this mild lace gives a tiny bit of old-fashioned romantic style to the garment.






?The only accessory I added to the look is earrings (of course a pair of my own aromatherapy ones =). They too are bright white, and with blue little anchors printed on them.

Makeup is classic 1950´s in the more natural way. Eyebrows are important here. They are arched and relatively strong to give form. On the eyes I applied matte off-white on the inner 2/3 of the lids, and medium brown on the outer 1/3 blending well from the crease out- and upward. Since this is a day look, I excluded the otherwise signature 50´s feature, strong black lines on the upper lashline. My skin is tanned by now, so I also exclude blush, to let the skin itself glow. On the lips I applied cool pink lipgloss, instead of the usual deep red, simply for variety´s sake (with most of my Litha outfits I wear that red. You can see the rest of my Litha Collection on my blog.).

Overall this look is really fresh and clean, and oozes the classic style of the good old 1950´s happiness.