Happy trails

Merry Meet.
Summer brings vacations and vacations bring travel. Whether you’re traveling by car, bus, boat or plane, bring along a protection charm or mojo bag. It can hang in your vehicle, be tucked into a pocket or kept in your luggage and then moved into your home away from home.
There are many spells and charms available in books and online you can copy, blend and modify, so I encourage you to make something that is meaningful to you.
  • In a small cloth bag, place a few herbs, items, icons and symbols. Choose items that speak to you. Items that bring a sense of safety, protection and good luck. (A few words of caution about adding anything that brings “luck” in general – luck can be good or bad. So be specific!)
  • Comfrey is said to be used for safety while traveling.  
  • Lungwort is said to assure blessings while traveling by air and bladderwrack for travel by water.
  • Among the many herbs used for general protection are acorn, alder, bay leaf, bergamot, black pepper, cedar, chamomile, cinnamon, eucalyptus, fennel seed, frankincense, heather, mint, nutmeg, rue, snapdragon and vervain.
  • Among the stones that offer protection are agate, amber, amethyst, black onyx, citrine, emerald, obsidian, ruby and tourmaline.  
  • Quartz is said to protect your car. 
  • I have included reduced copies of tarot cards, a tiny angel, a turtle vertebrae and a bear claw in various protection bags I have made
  • Do you have a piece of jewelry, a charm or a hag stone you consider to be protective? Add it!
  • For centuries, witches have used salt and iron nails for protection.
  • You can also charge a object with protection.
  • Perhaps gathering the objects together with intention is enough. Perhaps you will want to pass it through smoke and bless it with salt and water, or make its assembly part of a simple ritual. You can also  hold it in your hands, over your heart, and channel in the blessings of a God or Goddess, the Universe or your own higher self.
  • Remember that the more you put in energy wise, the stronger it will be.
Wishing you happy trails.
Merry part.
And merry meet again.