Musings of a Hereditary Witch

The Mystical Handbag
Remember the movie Mary Poppins? Mary had this great carpet-bag. When she opened it she pulled out the most amazing stuff, a wall mirror, a floor lamp, a coat rack, etc. The children were awestruck that such large items could be contained in such a small bag. That’s magic, well of the movie kind anyway.
Though we don’t usually carry a carpet-bag around with us today, we do carry handbags, purses, book bags and the like. These usually contain the essentials that we need to get through our day. But we as Witches, Healers and Magic workers often carry the tools of our trade with us.
Hand bags are part of the mysteries of women. They must be, because most men will not open a woman’s handbag, even when asked to retrieve something from it for her. In a survey of 100 men, the majority said they would not open their girlfriend/wife’s handbag, even with their permission. They would bring the handbag to the her and have them retrieve the item, like car keys, for them. When asked why, the replies ranged from not wanting to come across ‘personal’ items to being conditioned by their mothers when children not to get into ‘mom’s’ purse (private property, keep out). Men can’t figure out how we cram so much into our handbags anyway. Maybe there is a little Mary Poppins in us after all.
The content, of the average woman’s handbag, seems to be a big mystery, now add being a witch to that and WOW! Since I am both (a woman and a witch) I am prepared to dump the contents of my handbag out on the table to be examined. Yep my handbag is spilling its guts.
First, I don’t carry one of those barely-can-fit-a-tube-of-lipstick-inside-of purses. I carry a big roomy bag that looks a little like a carpet-bag. Inside it has 3 pockets and a large central compartment. The first thing you might notice is a Celtic knotwork cat pin attached to the front of my bag.
Ready? 1..2..3..
Well, there it is, spreading out over the table top like it has a life of its own. Let’s go though the everyday ‘woman’ stuff first. Let’s see – wallet, cell phone, note-book, 2 pens, keys, tube of lipstick, comb, mirror, breath mints, credit cards, business card case with business cards, reading glasses, a small Swiss Army knife, and a round flat metal disk that has 4 different sizes of flathead screw drivers radiating out from it. There are also two cosmetic bags, the first holds the “oh no, not the dreaded feminine products”, that’s right ‘ tampons’. The other holds Band-Aids, nail clippers, nail file, aspirin, Rolaids, hand sanitizer and dental floss. No MP3 player or PDA (though the gods know it would all fit); so much for the mundane stuff.
Now, for the truly mystical side of my handbag. First is my Jim Maynard’s Astrologer’s Date book 2014. I wait breathlessly at the end of each year for the coming year’s edition to be released. If any of you are familiar with this date book you know how the publisher waits to the very last-minute to get these out. GRRRR!!! I have all my celebrations, rituals, classes/workshops and other important dates all planned out at the beginning of the year. I record spiritual insights, creative ideas, info on fairs and festivals, etc.
Next is my compass. I can’t begin to tell you how many rituals I’ve been to where no one can figure out which way is what and sometimes that includes the ritual leaders. The compass also comes in handy while hiking.
In a small red pouch I carry two stone totem animals, one representing my husband and the other myself; a garnet, a rose quartz and two pewter hearts.
I have a box of birthday candles in assorted colors for quick candle magic, a lighter and matches (for backup). Three essential oils: orange (mental clarity), rosemary (all-purpose), and lavender (headaches). A small bag of salt, a vial of water and a small zip bag of sage for purification and protection and a piece of black tourmaline. There is my trusty tarot deck and pendulum because I never know when I’ll be asked for a reading or need a little insight myself. Last but not least I have Triquetra stone that represents Land, Sea and Sky.
Whew. I think that’s it. Nothing left except maybe a little lint. Now to cram everything back inside. Mind you, this is just the stuff in my handbag; you don’t want to know what I have in my vehicle or in my cubical at work (heh, heh, heh,). Do I really need to carry all of this stuff? Of course not, but you never know when it will come in handy
So, what’s in you handbag?
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