NATURE ALCHEMY ~ A Journey to Yourself

~ Gift of Vigilance ~

Eternal vigilance is the price of eternal development. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

This is a journey into the Gift of Vigilance, a state of natural harmony with all life…and yourself…deep within the Universal Soul, of which you are a cherished and intimate part. Allow yourself to go on this inner journey…into the Spirit of your Beautiful Infinite Self. For here is where you shall find your Truth.

Begin by getting comfortable. Find a space that feels at ease with your body, and allow yourself to get into a soft state of relaxation. Take some deep, healing, cleansing breaths…gently inhale and exhale…slowly and deeply…in and out…until you feel rested to begin your inward journey. …imagine that with each breath, you begin to relax and release tension…let your breath flow freely, following its natural rhythm, and feel the gentle movement of your chest and abdomen…as you inhale and exhale, your mind can become quiet and still…with each breath, allow yourself to relax more deeply, and become more comfortable…now invite your body to rest, supported by the surface around it…There is nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to go, nothing to figure out, nothing to decide. Just let it all go…let your mind release all the ties that bind…just for now. You are just here…right now…in this gentle state of rest, and it is good…it is peaceful…it is soothing. Let yourself soften into this quiet space.

Allow the gentle opening of your Divine Gift of Imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool which can guide you into the transformation of Self. Imagination is your spiritual inheritance which can touch into the heavenly realms – a portal into worlds within and without – a safe place to explore and discover…to grow and embrace yourself, and the beauty of all life.


Imagine being surrounded by great perennial evergreens. Their stately branches gently sway with the cool, pristine breeze. It is a beautiful, crisp autumn day, full of earthly colors of gold, ruby, emerald, and rust. Magick is in the air!
You are at peace in this place of Spirit. Mother Earth is speaking to you of the coming time of rest and release, as she prepares to withdraw into the inner life. You can feel nature’s life-force energies begin to compress inward – into the sacred space of Heart.
Suddenly, you are rousted out of reverie, and begin to hear rustlings in the trees, as great birds descend onto the thick, lofty branches. Black Crows abound! They begin cawing loudly together in a proclamation of attention. “Be vigilant”, they are commanding, “take notice!”
One mighty, jet-black crow comes forward and faces you with sovereignty. He is King Crow, ancient totem of the mysteries! He speaks of the hidden teachings of introspection.


As you withdraw from without,
There are lessons within.
Your Soul speaks!
Much will be uncovered,
In your Vigilance.
Take notice of discernment.
And eternally move from a place of Love.
Pettiness is not for you!
The Openness of Spirit
Is a watchful path…
Flowing in all directions.
Its heart is Love…only Love.
Where we meet as One.
Blessed are you…O Kings and Queens of Love!

As his deep voice resonates within, fill your heart with his words. King Crow speaks of the constant vigilance of the Sacred Warrior – the devoted Pilgrim of Life, whom we all are. Follow your path the best you can, in each moment. Let your model be Love. Be ever Vigilant of Love! It is a Journey of the Heart…Your Sacred Heart. The true spirit of Kings and Queens!

A Prayer of Thanksgiving to this Divine Being:

King Crow, I fly to you!
I want to fly with you,
In your direction of mindfulness.
For there is only one flight, in life…
The ascension of Love!
Let me be forever vigil
Of this devotion.
Let me enfold it under my wings,
Where it will forever dwell, protected…
Soaring with me ever upwards!
I thank you, O King Crow, for your Great Gift of Vigilance

~ From Heaven Sweet Nature Springs ~