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Samhain Fashion: The Hobo

The newest outfit in my artistic Samhain collection is this, the hobo. Strongly inspired by Charlie Chaplin, but in a modern and streamlined way.



?  Black is the color of my Samhain palette, and with this I go all the way. The look is quite masculine, as I like to play with the theme every now and then.




?  Makeup is quite strong and only shades of grey and brown are used, but to balance out masculinity, applied in a feminine way. Androgyne is not the way I´m going for. The earrings are nearly unisex, and the only piece of jewelry worn with the outfit (hobos can´t afford much, you know. =)




?  These combat boots are nine years old, and I have faithfully worn them every winter. They are in fact men´s shoes, so they go particularly well with this style. A good example of how a well thought through sense of style – your own that is – lasts from decade to another and beyond, and can help save the planet with consuming less by holding on to the best. No matter what the fashion industry says.




?   The shirt is made of two layers of jersey. The top one has holes in it, giving it a worn out sense so essential to this look. But it´s also a bit sexy, which is something I like to keep to a minimum at work. And yes, this outfit is designed to be a working girl´s best friend at Samhain.




?  I felt like a hat was a must, and what else do men these days wear other than beanies? So a beanie it is, and this one actually warms me right up too being made of fleece.




?  The pant fabric is actually quite luxurious velvet. It keeps the look on the sophisticated side, without shouting out too loud. I do want to be remembered by my quality taste rather than being a slutty mess…  =)