Healing Oils and Candles

I do a lot of healings, either for myself, my family, or my friends on my Facebook group.

I did one recently, as a matter of fact. I have fibromyalgia and severe arthritis. The fibromyalgia causes body pains, extreme fatigue, nausea, and irritable bowel syndrome. My arthritis, while all over, primarily affects my ankles and my right knee. It can get so bad that I have difficulty walking. And on those days, the prescription anti-inflammatory just doesn’t work.

This spell I did for four people: myself, two friends on my Facebook group, and my cousin who has Spina Bifida, is confined to a wheel chair, and frequently ends up in the hospital.

I burned four white chime candles rubbed with healing oil. The chime candles and the healing oil I purchased from Azuregreen.com. They are inexpensive. I concentrated on each person and lit the candles one by one. A chime candle generally takes 30 minutes to burn down (that’s why I use them a lot. Shorter than a tealight and much shorter than a votive). What was interesting about this is the three candles burned evenly and within 30 minutes. Mine, however, burned down within ten minutes and left a lot of wax drippings. This means that the spell worked, and quickly, though it may not be long lasting and may have to be done again. I did feel better after that. Hoodoo traditions, and other magick traditions, use the drippings for divination. I am not very good at this, but I did see what looked like a human form in the drippings. I thought this might represent me.

Healing scented candles also work. (This is popular with me because I sell candles). My favorites are Sandalwood, which is a healing oil/chips, French Lavender (I find it smells better than regular Lavender), and a special purple healing votive that Azuregreen sells. I burn these just as I do the chime candles, rubbed with healing oil, and using my focus, will, and intent for the person that needs to be healed.

There are also healing oils that you can make to spread on a candle or on yourself. This one is pretty easy because it uses common oils: 4 drops Rosemary, 2 drops Juniper, and 1 drop Sandalwood.

You can also make a healing ointment to rub on affected areas of your body: 4 drops Cedarwood, 2 drops Sandalwood, 1 drop Eucalyptus, and 1 drop Cinnamon. This is added to a melted beeswax or oil base. You do not put this ointment on wounds, burns, or broken skin.

You can also use herbs in a healing bath. With my arthritis and body pain, this is exceptionally useful: 3 parts Rosemary, 2 parts Lavender, and 2 parts rose. Place this in a muslin bag (like you would use for tea) and hang it over the running water faucet. You may also place it in the bath.