Musings of a Hereditary Witch

My Go-To Herbs

On my Meetup page, one of my guests asked me what my ‘go-to herbs’ were. Well that was easy enough: Rosemary, Mugwort and Lemon Balm.

Rosemary is such a lovely herb for cooking and for magic. Rosemary has a slight piney scent and is relatively easy to go on a sunny windowsill. I find the Spirit of Rosemary to be very friendly and willing to work with just about any one. For this reason, it is a good herb for those just beginning to use herbs in their magic.

I think of Rosemary as the quartz crystal of the herb world as it can be charged with any intent. I always keep Rosemary at hand as a substitute for any herb I am out of for spell work. Rosemary can be gathered and tied into smudge sticks and burned to purify the ritual circle, tools, or a sick room. Sometimes, I add powdered Rosemary to salt and sprinkle it across the entrance to my cubical at work. It can be used as a hair rinse and taken as a tea.

Mugwort has an earthy scent and is sacred to Artemis. I use Mugwort as a visionary herb. I add it in dream pillows for prophetic dreaming. It can also be drunk as a tea before performing works of divination; though I warn you the taste leaves a lot to be desired. I keep a few pinches of Mugwort in the pouch that holds my Oracle cards. If someone needs a reading on the spur of the moment I can rub a little Mugwort on my 3rd eye to attune me to second sight, especially during a haired day.

As an herb of protection, Mugwort can be a substitute for using salt on thresholds and windowsills as well as for casting circle. Mugwort can be thrown on the hearth fire for protection.

Lemon Balm, first I have to tell you that Dillon, my cat, LOVES Lemon Balm. He thinks its catnip. The Lemon Balm plant looks similar to Catnip and even more so when dried. I can’t leave it in a bag for long or Dillon will tear into it. It’s best to transfer all herbs into glass jars.

Lemon Balm has a fresh lemony smell. I add Lemon Balm to all of my spells for attaining money and success. I have a spell that will bring me money by the end of 3 days and the main herb component is Lemon Balm. Lemon Balm can also be added to love spells.

Lemon Balm is often taken as a tea for insomnia or for a nervous stomach.

Though I work with many other herbs, these are my top 3 go-to herbs. So much so, that I carry them in little tiny zip bags in my purse.

What are your go-to herbs? Please share in the comments if you like. I always find is so interesting to see what herbs are drawn to.

Blessings on your Hearth & Home,