Renee’s Thoughts Worth Catching

Oya, also known as Kale or Pele, is the Goddess of Change and Transformation, and this Goddess means business.

Spiritually speaking, she embodies the qualities of Radical transformation, releasing, dying to the old to embrace the new. She embodies wind, graveyards, storms, and yes, the market place!

I have a great and grand fondness with this Goddess. I will admit, at first, with the death talk, and the letting go and change, made me all shift in my seat and take a step back. I believe, that for me, I was so used to the life created around me, that no matter how much I needed and had to change, I was scared to do that. Change seemed so courageous and I felt fearful.

She has come around once or twice now. The two times she came, were after I made it away from my childhood fears and moved on with grace instead of grief. She then appeared after my son was born and I knew that the marriage of that time was detrimental.

Now, as 2014 comes to a close, she is once again here. The past month has been an absolute roller coaster of emotions, sickness, mentally draining, physically hard, and I kept finding myself a bit let down and lost.

However, I knew that there was Oya with me. In the last few days of actually slowing down and doing some Soul searching and work and honest-to-goodness hard looks in the mirror, I am letting her take me on this ride, and I am ready and not scared at all.

For one thing, I am letting go of things that no longer serve me or appeal to the highest good of my life. I am going to let people go, even some that I may have known years. I have let go of a lot of physical things, making many trash, donation and recycling trips. And now, the deep Soul Transformation can begin.

Oya does not play around. When she is here, she is hear to work. She recognizes a change that must be heeded to and pushes the process far. She whispers a lot .. “Do you really like going to eat at that place or do you go just because it is convenient?” “Why is your closet still not organized?” “Do you want your surroundings to change? Change them!” An important thing to realize here is that she does not mess around. She will make you take that deep look into yourself so you will feel her Wind, her passion and her storminess.

She is working for you and assisting you to release these circumstances and make that change within you. She is here for you. She loves you. And she is a force to be reckoned with.

Listen to the Wind Blow.