Musings of a Hereditary Witch

How I Came to Teach

I never expected to become a teacher in the witchcraft/pagan community. I was really quite happy working with my family and helping a few close friends. However, my god family had other plans (as they so often do).

In 1992, I was a buyer and clerk at Infinity. A lovely metaphysical shop housed in an old Victorian; complete with three resident ghosts. People would drop in after work, just to soak up the atmosphere before going home. It was a wondrous and magical place.

Infinity had Readers, massage therapists, offered Spiritual counseling, soul retrieval and past life work. We sponsored author workshops & book signing by such authors as Angeles Arrien, Z. Budapest, and SARK. We sponsored other events, even one where Susan Seddon Boulet held a one woman art show. There were classes and workshops in meditation, psychic development, Reiki, crystal healing, magic, Goddess Spirituality and had other wonderful offerings, but not much in the way of witchcraft.

One week, there were seven different women that came into the store all inquiring where they could learn witchcraft without joining a coven. Most of the covens in our area were by invitation and you had to know someone who knew someone, if you know what I mean. I would suggest books that we carried, but what they were really looking for was a teacher. I had no one to recommend at the time, but each time someone asked I took down their information, in case I thought of someone.

At the end of the week I was relating all of this to my husband. He bluntly said “Well teach them.” Uh, no. My excuses ran from: this is my life path, I can’t separate it from who I am, I can’t compartmentalize it and I can’t teach to non-family; to that old adage of ‘Those who can, do; Those who can’t, teach’ that was running though my head. I was very resistant to the idea almost to the point of panicking. You see I am a big time introvert and I have a borderline social anxiety disorder. I’d be happy living as a hermit.

Then, my gods spoke up, loud and clear. “These women need to learn from someone like you, that’s why we sent them.” Ah Crap! So, that weekend I worked out a six week set of classes aptly called, Witchcraft 101 (personally, I thought of it as a six week get your feet wet set of classes).

I contacted the women and they were all excited to attend. Two of the women brought their sixteen year old daughters with them. They were all wonderful students and I have to say we had a great time. I had a great time. Our last class was a ritual and we were sitting around afterwards talking. One of the women asked ‘What are you teaching next?’ which the others chimed in on. ‘Um, I didn’t think beyond these classes’ I admitted (which was the truth).  We discussed what other things they would like to learn.

I made a deal with my god family; I was willing to continue teaching, but they had to bring me the right students and for over twenty years they have. I love teaching and I love seeing the look in a student’s eyes when something rings true for them.

Blessings on your Hearth & Home

P.S. I am now a functioning Introvert with a borderline social anxiety disorder.