Renee’s Thoughts Worth Catching

Confidence is a habit that can be developed by acting as if you already had the confidence you desire to have. – Brian Tracy

Those that know me know that I do not normally approve of acting concerning any emotions, and that I teach everyone to just be real and be themselves. Self-Confidence, however, is among the few that I feel really needs to begin from acting like you have it. For me, it’s all about putting myself out there and to me and others, I just exude self-confidence (even when I have zilch that day) and then I begin to feel it deep inside and not just on the outside. Do not become high on yourself, but be confident enough that you are respected and loved. I have found the following to be helpful for me, so I thought I would offer you some ways to work on this concept.

Ask for what you need. As much as we all do for others, we need to do for ourselves. Have the confidence to stand up for you and state your what you need and want clearly and precisely. And to the right people, and them alone. Sometimes, all it takes is to say what is needed to one person or even out to the Universe and then Life takes the wheel for awhile. Be outspoken about your needs. But more than that, be true to those needs. Affirmation: I have the confidence to speak what I want and need.

Reprogramming our inner mind. We make the mistake of following and allowing our subconscious to sabotage us and our every step. I know something from experience: our thoughts and where our minds take us are usually way, way harsher than reality. There is a difference between intuition and the sabotages and there is a fine line to ensure it is not crossed. To give you an idea – it’s the good angel on one shoulder and the bad one on the other side. Be discerning and know which one to follow. Affirmation: I have the confidence to speak to myself in only a loving a supportive way.

Know you deserve love. We all deserve love and we need the confidence to never settle for second best. There is always someone out there that will fit you and your emotions and mindset. If you have someone in your life that is draining you in the wrong way, please know you deserve better and you deserve love with the right people. But also, more than all of this, find the confidence to love YOURSELF. Just as yo are. Right now. In this moment. You are so lovable. Affirmation: I have the confidence to love myself.

Feeling worthwhile. On occasion we all feel worthless or like we do not matter or make a bit of difference. Here is the secret: feeling worthwhile is an inside job. You cannot get this completely from others. Yes, have the confidence to not let others treat you as worthless, but more important, allow yourself the confidence to believe in YOURSELF.

Affirmation: I have the confidence to know I am valued, worthy and loved.

There are so many other ways I could list, but this gives you an idea – I hope you all realize how much having self-confidence affects your day to day activities and feelings. You are loved. And you are worth it all of the time. Never doubt yourself. Love you for you. And most important: NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.