Astro Report for April 2015

Saturn still Retro in Sagittarius – 4 degrees

Wednesday, April 1, 201512:01 am EST

Goes Direct on Sunday, August 2, 20154:55 am EDT

The Planet of caution takes a break from its conservative ways. When it goes retrograde, the Planet actually lightens up on the reins a bit. It allows people to explore further than they normally would. Sagittarius allows it to open its mouth and to say things out of control. It’s time to make sure the brain is engaged before the mouth blurts away. Saturn goes Direct again in August.



April Fools Day – Sun in Aries – 11 degrees

Wednesday, April 1, 201512:01 am EDT

April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day is accepted worldwide on or about April 1st as part of the old Roman holiday celebrating the Goddess, Hilaria. It is a day of fun and joking around. Folks pull pranks and practical jokes upon each other. From the old days, a paper fish could be smacked upon your back and the utterance “April Fish!” would be chimed by all. Today, there are many practical jokes played upon the computer. Stick a piece of tape under the mouse and watch what happens to the next person trying to navigate the computer.


Wedge Configuration

Wednesday, April 1, 201512:01 am EDT

There are three Planets in alignment creating a weak Wedge formation. It has the ability to augment Psychic abilities where you can communicate with the Spiritual Realm. The point of the Wedge is Retrograde Jupiter, which could make proclamations that aren’t true. Senses are askew so talking to Spirits on the Otherside might seem valid, but they aren’t. Jupiter is Quincunx Pluto and Chiron. Jupiter as the faster Planet needs to re-align its energies with Pluto, a Planet of transformation and change. Chiron needs to adjust itself accordingly to Jupiter, though. Chiron is the martyr; it will sacrifice something to learn. Chiron is also sextile to Pluto, which gets the two Planets to support each other. Sacrificing something to learn is supported by change and transformation while Retro Jupiter expands on its generosity too much. Be careful to stay living within your means to gain knowledge and skill during this loose Wedge.



Full Moon in Libra – 14 degrees

Saturday, April 4, 20158:05 am EDT

When the emotional Moon is in fruition in the air Sign of Libra, you can expect to be intellectually adaptive, impractical and superficial. It’s like you know how to cut corners and bend the rules when your heartstrings are being played. You have the advantage though. Avoid going to extremes and playing the Devil’s advocate. Find balance in any relationship.



Native Lore

The Full Moons of April are called the Grass Moon, The Egg Moon and the Fish Moon. April is a month of spring, obviously. The Earth begins to fully awaken and the grass begins to grow stronger. Woodland animals creep and crawl out of their holes to begin munching on the fresh fronds of Spring. It is a month when birds begin to lay eggs in abundance. The Fish begin to swim upstream to maintain their species. For natives, food would become more abundant in April during the Egg and Fish Moon.



Easter Sunday/Resurrection Day

Sun in Aries – 15 degrees

Sunday, April 5, 20156:50 am EDT (sunrise)

This year, the holiday known as Easter falls on Sunday, April 4th, but why does it land on a different day every year? To answer this profound question we have to search the skies to find the Moon in its travels. Easter Sunday is based on the astronomy of the Moon’s cycles. It is always on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the first New Moon after the Spring Equinox. Look at your calendars. Find the Spring Equinox, find the first New Moon and then the next Full Moon thereafter and you will find Easter on the following Sunday. Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) followed by the period of Lent (starting on Ash Wednesday), Passover and Good Friday are also based on the Moon’s cycle.


The history of Easter stems from Pagan roots, of course. There are many Goddesses that are revered during the Spring Equinox, namely Eostre of Nordic Lore, Ostara of Germanic Myth and Ishtar of Akkadian/Babylonian legend. The Goddesses’ names are all correctly pronounced “Easter” apparently…


Jupiter goes Direct in Leo – 12 degrees

Tuesday, April 7, 20158:08 am EDT

The grandiose Planet of blowing things out of proportion can erupt ill feelings at home, if you’re not careful. Family matters most in your life, so take care to enjoy the time you have. Find time and energy to have fun.



Mercury Conjuncts Sun in Aries – 19 degrees

Thursday, April 9, 201511:33 pm EDT

Mercury has disappeared behind the lime-light of the solar glare. Communications can be quite boisterous about yourself, whether by the ego in you or by the boast of your family and friends. Always accept the gratitude you deserve with dignity and pride. Avoid the egotism that could prevail – be humble. You have the ability to charm others, but be honest with yourself and to those around you.



Venus enters Gemini

Saturday, April 11, 201511:15 am EDT

Venus takes on a chatty conversation about love and lust. Venus becomes a little more hedonistic in her approach to this point. She finds it easy to be as versatile as she’s used to being. Venus energy becomes more energized and alluring. Affections and devotions will be as forthcoming as normal and especially as she crosses through her ruling Sign of Taurus.



Tax Day

Wednesday, April 15, 201512:01 am EDT

8th House Events

Cusp in Libra – 6 degrees

The onset of the day is already in balance. Libra attempts to find balance in everything. However, it also has the ability to play the Devil’s Advocate and go to extremes in finding balance.


Pars Fortunae (Part of Fortune) in Libra – 26 degrees

The luckiest point in the chart’s moment finds itself in the House of Sex, Death and Transformation… go figure! Perhaps this will be a lucky day for you on Tax Day too.


North Node in Libra – 9 degrees

The North Node tells us where we need to hone our talents and skills. If you are about to do something that needs precision, practice before you indulge.



Mercury enters Taurus

Tuesday, April 14, 20156:39 pm EDT

Communications could come to a standstill. Be gentle and caring with your words otherwise, you may find yourself snorting in anger with the Bull! Although quick and friendly, Mercury finds itself tip-toeing thru the pasture of the bull. As long as you are cautious about what you say, you will find yourself in the comfort zone of a raging potential.



Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn – 15 degrees

Friday, April 17, 20157:47 am EDT

Pluto resonates with mystery and transformation. As it begins to station, those traits tend to exceed its boundaries and Pluto can be desecrating, annihilating and obsessive. After it goes Retrograde, the energies become more stagnating, unchanging and powerless. When Pluto is Retrograde, mysteries and secrets are difficult to keep and sometimes are leaked to the world.


New Moon in Aries – 28 degrees

Saturday, April 18, 20152:56 pm EDT

The New Moon in Aries brings about new changes to our personal mindset and how we approach things emotionally. There is new internal growth – the ability to “rise above”. When you are met with an emotional Challenge, you will have the ability to see it from a different aspect and deal with the situation better.



Sun enters Taurus – Happy Birthday, Taurus!!

Monday, April 20, 20155:30 am EDT

As the Sun enters Taurus, an overwhelming energy of comfort and tranquility surrounds us. Find your niche and settle in. Take time to smell the flowers. Find time to organize your thoughts and energy. Folks born under the Sign of Taurus tend to be gentle and mild mannered folk. However, they do like their routines. To take them out of their natural groove, could spell chaos and confusion for them or the person instigating the change.



Earth Day – Sun in Taurus – 1 degree

Tuesday, April 22, 201512:01 am EDT

Earth Day (aka International Mother Earth Day) is celebrated by a multitude of countries world-wide. It was initiated by John McConnell in 1969 for the first day of Spring. Its popularity encouraged a US Senator to host another Earth Day in Americaon April 22nd in 1970, where it has grown exponentially. The day was created to promote an environmental teach-in to expose people to the devastation of the oil spill in Santa Barbarain 1969. The day is meant to demonstrate political support for an environmental agenda. Earth Day will encourage us to be conservative and passive. The question, “What is your Carbon Footprint?” will sound very odd, but it means to gauge how much you do on a normal day and how does it affect the environment at large?