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Altar Maypole
Merry Meet.

For some, it wouldn’t be Beltane without dancing around the Maypole. While not everyone gets to have a 20-foot pole sunk into a 3-foot hole in the middle of a field, everyone can have a mini version on their altar.

You just need a dowel or stick about a foot long, a base and ribbon.
Let a stick find you, or buy a dowel about a foot long. You will also need a base: a piece of wood from the craft store, a slice of a thick branch or a mound of air-hardening clay. Use a screw, nail or glue to anchor one end of the pole to the base.
An old wooden paper towel holder might also work. Children could use Tinkertoys.

Cut ribbon of various colors at least twice the height of the pole and glue or tack to the top.
If desired, put a bead on top to finish and decorate the base, perhaps with a crown of flowers.
This Maypole can be placed on your altar or holiday table. You can braid the ribbons as a ritual or just let them hang.
Merry part. And merry meet again.



Maypole1 & 2
This Maypole has been a Beltane decoration at the Church of Eternal Light in Bristol, Connecticut for longer than some people can remember.

Pole Parts
All the parts for a Maypole can be found at a large chain craft store.