Renee’s Thought’s Worth Catching

We are All Worth Catching

The Summer Solstice – it is a time for such extreme heat here in Texas, that it is something that is hard for me to look forward to. It has honestly been a hard time for the to even find a way to resonate with at all.

As the years have gone on, and the heatwaves have cooked me, I have learned to stay with the air. And then I have come to realize that the themes of this precious time for me included of discovering passion love and relationships (friendships and self included) and igniting gusto for goals and a drive for healthiness.

The Solstice also makes the truth shine as the Sun illuminates extreme light on everything. It shines for longer days, so with the high sun and the brightness, honesty and feelings come out to play. It is such a perfect time for me, because right now in my life, I am learning the truths of my inner workings. And I am opening myself to myself. And that is a gorgeous feeling. And to let those feelings and dark places be lit up, well that is nothing short of miraculous for me.

The Solstice itself on June 21st is the longest day of the year and expect the passion I mentioned to be strong throughout the day. Whether it shows up in a love relationship, in your creative endeavors, even in cleaning and organizing your house, go with that passionate feeling. Let the heat and the longer day infuse you with the feeling it is meant to, and go with being red hot!

I suggest using a Pink Tourmaline for this day as well as the Rose Quartz as they both represent love, passion, and honesty. And remember, you can include love for self, honesty with self and so much more. These stones are great to keep on a table near you, in your pockets or purse if you are out, right next to you, or if you have them as jewelry, wear them!

At the end of the day, Life is about trusting and feeling. And allowing. This whole season is a reminder to allow Life’s way work with you, you have the power to create your world with each second. Life is always working for you, not to you. What comes and what goes, well those are both okay. Trust in the process. Feel your way through it. Everything is happening the way it is supposed to go down.

Blessed Summer Solstice, and acknowledge your truth, your passion, and go for it! You deserve it – like I have said —- “if you believe your milkshake brings all the boys (girls too!) to your yard, then it can!”