Astro Report for August 2015

Venus still Retro in Leo– 29 degrees

Saturday, August 1, 201512:01 am EDT

Goes Direct on Saturday, September 5, 20156:17 pm EDT

The Planet of love and adoration is still going against the grain preparing to trek across the face of the Sun. Affections at this time will seem to be awry in family-oriented Leo. Not to worry, though. Venus is strong-willed and has the capacity to overcome this obstacle. She allows her love and affection to come and go as needed or wanted, sometimes to a fault.



Saturn still Retro in Scorpio – 28 degrees

Saturday, August 1, 201512:01 am EDT

Goes Direct on Sunday, August 2, 20154:55 am EDT

The Planet of caution takes a break from its conservative ways. When it goes retrograde, the Planet actually lightens up on the reins a bit. It allows people to explore further than they normally would. Sagittarius allows it to open its mouth and to say things out of control. It’s time to make sure the brain is engaged before the mouth blurts away. Saturn goes Direct again in August.



Uranus still Retro in Aries – 20 degrees

Saturday, August 1, 201512:01 am EDT

Goes Direct on Friday, December 25, 20154:12 pm EST

Uranus is that Planet that hates to be confined. It is known as the “break out” Planet for that reason. When retrograde, Uranus can be responsible, more traditional and relaxed. As Uranus goes retrograde in Aries, there is a feeling of enthusiasm and courage to take responsibility. It is not a time to worry about what others think about you. Do your own thing at your own pace and life will be grand.



Neptune still Retro in Pisces – 9 degrees

Saturday, August 1, 201512:01 pm EDT

Goes Direct on Thursday, Nov 19, 201512:39 am EST

The “Pink Fog Machine” normally keeps us from seeing the truth clearly, because Neptune can askew our vision. When retrograde, Neptune can see things more clearly, like the fog has been lifted, for a short time. It helps you to understand the higher concepts of beauty, love and spirituality.



Pluto still Retrograde in Capricorn – 13 degrees

Saturday, August 1, 201512:01 am EDT

Goes Direct on Friday, September 25, 20153:00 am EDT

Pluto resonates with mystery and transformation. While it is Retrograde, the energies become more stagnating, unchanging and powerless. When Pluto is Retrograde, mysteries and secrets are difficult to keep and sometimes are leaked to the world.



Wheel of Year info

Lughnasadh (Lammas/Loaf-mass)

Saturday, August 1, 20156:10 am EDT (sunrise)


Names: Lammas, Lughnasadh, Festival of Lugh, August Eve (July 31st), Loafmas, Festival of Bread, 1st Harvest, Bread Harvest, Festival of First Fruits, Gwyl Galan Awst (Welsh)

Date: Aug 1st (sometimes celebrated on the eve at sunset –July 31st)

Astro Correspondence: 15 degrees Leo
Color: tans, oranges, yellows and reds

Food: grains, cakes, breads, fresh fruits, mushrooms, lamb, berry pies, wine, ale, beer

Common Info: Story of Lugh, Handfasting/Handparting, 1st Harvest Fest (grains mostly), Story of John Barleycorn as the Corn King (corn is synonymous with grain),


Lughnasadh is the Sabbat that celebrates Lugh, the God of the Sun. The date is typically the 1st day of August although some folks begin to celebrate at sunset the day before, July 31st or when the Sun enters 15 degrees Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. It is the first harvest festival. Foods sacred are typically grains of all sorts, vegetables off the bush or fruits off the vine. Breads and barley meads are custom as well. This Sabbat is also known as Lammas or the Mass of the Loaf (Loafmas). Braids and Sheaths of grain are usually hung on walls to represent prosperity. John Barleycorn is sacrificed and buried in the fields to promote a healthy growth for the following growing season.

The Tailtu Games are warrior games that honored Lugh’s mother. They are reminiscent of the Olympic Games, but from another time and culture.



Saturn goes Direct in Scorpio – 28 degrees

Sunday, August 2, 20154:55 am EDT

Saturn’s energy can be so conservative, but when in Scorpio, the Planet can be more determined. This particular Sundaymay speak of many aspects that innuendos are made of – especially when Scorpio adds mystery to the mix. Saturn’s energy essentially will revert back into its normal shell of caution.



Mercury enters Virgo

Friday, August 7, 20152:02 pm EDT

Mercury finally comes home again in its Rulership Sign of Virgo. Communications should become rather comfortable. Open discussions promote practical conversations. When speaking, make sure you say exactly what you need to say – short and sweet. Offer simple answers that avoid clouding issues. Stay on topic.



Mars enters Leo

Saturday, August 8, 20155:55 pm EDT

Authority takes action. Be determined to offer definitive opinions when confronted by aggressive people. Don’t take “NO” for an answer when you need to hear “YES”. Be assertive in your own actions by being confident. Trust yourself to do the right thing – always. Avoid regret later by knowing that whatever you do, is for the right reason at the time.



Jupiter enters Virgo

Tuesday, August 11, 20155:01 am EDT

Generosity can be very precise. If abundance is offered, it is often implied that it should be used for something specific. To use it otherwise, may offend the gift giver.



New Moon in Leo – 21 degrees

Friday, August 14, 20159:53 am EDT

Emotions run high when the New Moon is in Leo. As a Sign, Leo tends to be rather loyal to family matters. So, when a New Moon happens in Leo, we see a variety of emotional aspects within the family. It’s a good time to spend time with the family and start something new that helps tie the bonds of family.



Venus conjuncts the Sun in Leo – 22 degrees

Saturday, August 15, 20152:07 pm EDT

As the Venus approaches the Sun, the energy of Venus becomes amplified. Love and affection could be quite amorous indeed. Exercise tact when necessary. Venus can become hedonistic, but her energy can be controlled.



Sun enters Virgo – Happy Birthday, Virgo!!

Sunday, August 23, 20155:25 am EDT

Logical thinking and sound judgments come easily for you when the Sun enters its ride thru Virgo. Unfortunately, the whim of putting off until tomorrow what you could do today is overwhelming. It will be easy to analyze situations and come up with multiple solutions. It’ll be a better time to make the right choice that best fits your interests. Stress and nervous tensions could be tentative. Remember to take time out for you to reduce stress and tension. Find a quiet place and try to meditate over the past summer and see where you need to go forward into the Fall.



Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo – 3 degrees

Wednesday, August 26, 20154:48 pm EDT
As the Sun approaches Jupiter, the energy of Jupiter becomes amplified. Compound it with the energy of the Sun and egotism could escalate exponentially. There is a sense of self pride, but be aware that this could become over exaggerated to annoyance.



Mercury enters Libra

Thursday, August 27, 201510:32 am EDT

Communications are weighed heavily against all odds. When you speak, you try to find balance in your words that will neither negate nor accent a subject. It is all about finding the truth in the matter and analyzing it for an honorable result. Be sure to weigh your words heavily or you may find your proverbial foot in mouth too often.



Full Moon in Pisces – 6 degrees

Saturday, August 29, 20151:34 pm EDT

A Full Moon brings final fruitions and manifestations of positive energies that have been building since the New Moon. When the Moon is Full in Pisces, we find our emotions more sedate, calm and happy-go-lucky. This energy is quite welcome since the previous planetary energies have been chiding us up to this point. The Moon’s psychic energy is magnified by Pisces.


Native Lore

Native Americans named their Moons when they were Full. The season or time of year would help assign the name of the Full Moon. In August, the Natives of North America, specificallyNew England states, would call this Full Moon the Green Corn Moon, since the corn was ready to harvest. Or it was called the Grain Moon when the grain was ready for harvesting. Natives surrounding the Great Lakes would name this Full Moon the Sturgeon Moon, when sturgeons were mostly abundant. Occasionally, the Full Moon of August would be called the Full Red Moon, because of the amazing hue it would have while it rose above the horizon in the evening.



No Planets go Retrograde in August