MoonOwl Observations

The New Moon

The Lunar cycle has eight phases- new, crescent, waxing quarter, gibbous, full, disseminating, waning quarter and balsamic. Each of the eight phases also moves through each of the 12 astrological signs, creating a total of 96 combinations. The natural cycle of birth, life, and regeneration is symbolised by the lunar cycle. The cycle continues with the moon spending about two days in each planet.

The lunar phases can be made useful when planning your magickal work, plus it is always useful to have your rituals and spells coincide with the appropriate astrological influences. When working magick, if the spell if not urgent, it is best to plan ahead and use the additional power of the moon.

During a new moon, it is a time for magick that involves new things, fresh starts, new beginnings, a time for planning new projects and establishing new relationships and goals. It is the time to plant seeds that represent what you want to create in your life. It’s ideal to start a new job, art project, and if you want to get pregnant. The Rite of Naming is also something that is often held during the new moon.

The associated sabbat is Yule and it marks the rebirth of light from darkness as it comes out revitalized and renewed. It is 0-44 degrees directly ahead of the sun. The new moon starts off as dark, but as the days go on a small sliver appears.

From new moon to new moon, the cycle is approximately a month. This is how long it takes for the moon to orbit around the earth. During the new moon, the moon is on the same sign as the sun. It happens thirteen times a year, but since most people follow the Gregorian calendar, there is always a month with a black moon. In any given month, when there are two New Moons, the second is called a black moon. It is considerably more powerful, and any seeding spell you do under a black moon might manifest more quickly. The black moon is a great time to just be outside and feel the power of the moon. The energy is strong and can really help guide you as well.

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