Etiary: The First Paranormal Social Network

Etiary: The First Paranormal Social Network


A revolutionary site has come to change the way the paranormal social networking is being used on the internet. Etiary.com is not just a social networking site where members can connect, but also an information center for the alternative subjects of the metaphysical and science. Etiary’s focus is about the veil we can see through in the mundane world, whether it be quantum physics or a magic spell. Frankly, Etiary is a child of modern paranormal perspectives meeting at a conjunction with modern science in most cases. It offers a plethora of options that are selectively geared toward people who are entranced by the unknown.


What can Etiary offer you? Etiary is a site that allows you to social network with friends and have powerful information center at hand without all the irrelevant distractions. The sensation about this website is the factor that you can share your thoughts on the paranormal, magick, science, and personal beliefs without persecution; Etiary is for people like you wanting direct data and people who carry the same interests. You can create your own groups, open your own pages, create your own stores, and easily organize the site in your personal settings. Why is Etiary different from other sites on the internet? You are joining a community that is paranormal. No where else will you find the features that can be as functional with these tools.


The launch of the site happened on August 13th and then it crashed on the 15th because there was a system overload with the number of people signing up. Within two days of being officially published online there were over 10,000 registered members. Etiary has more than 29,000 members at the current moment. Join a community that is full of like-minded freethinkers like you today in Etiary. There you will help find the people, information, and a site that actually cares about you getting the best resources first hand.