Liber II: Recording Magical Data

The word of Tahuti,

Paved in the black obsidian sky,

The aether being the pillar of night,

His great ibis voice is nigh,

The demanding verbiage led in the plight.

Whisper of the whirlwind led by fire,

Daunting halt before the bejeweled Queen.

The lesser Will of the magician burnt in a pyre,

Out of his books and through his mind he is keen.

Ink soaked symbols stained in a papyrus,

Desire be thy passion in heat of superseding.

The twelve signs of elements abound by Cyprus,

Contemplation gone to Rome thither in weaving.


Liber I covered the art of writing and how it is beneficent to the magician on his/her personal growth in a more elaborate way than planned. So in the procession of this magical method I will take the assumption that Liber I: Magick and Writing have been read and thoroughly studied by the practicing magician. There are two prescribed records I encourage each and every magician to hold by his/her side for their spiritual growth. I will dig into the trenches of the magical record and the daily record, properly notating the journals.

The magical record is an adequately detailed book of personal experiences in magick. This is to be separated from the daily record of writing because of the nature which is contrasted between the two compositions. It stands as a testament to the magician to understand what methodologies are more compromised to his/her Will, so the magical record systematically analyzes each magical practice as an experiment. For example, I find when there is some exhaustive energy stored from the day and the witching hour is my companion in a conscious state, that is when the best magical results seem to manifest for me.

Whenever you conduct a magical experiment always have your magical record on hand. It is best to record the date, time the experiment began, location, emotions, factors that are controlling your feelings from that day (if applicable), the details of the magical experiment, the intent of the experiment, and the time the magical experiment ends.

The date and time of the magical record can serve a number of purposes.

The first thing the date provides is a reference point for that experiment. If the desired Will manifests then it should be noted in that particular entry for future purposes in the daily record. The date and time of the entry also provide data on deeper levels than simple record keeping.

Secondly, you can see what was occurring an astronomical level to affect the energy; the magician can look at planetary placements, trines, conjunctions, squares, and etc, that are effecting the magical experiment or ritual. The magician is more then welcome to put all this information into his/her magical record before hand if it is a planned experience, but sometimes it is best to use the date, time, and location for future uses of astrology. We do not live in the dark ages where every contrived spell has a specific hour planned, but sometimes that is the best option in some experiments for magicians.

Thirdly, the date and time show the patterns that affect the magician’s habits in magick. For example, a magician may find the peak of his magick is obtained in the wee hours of night before he retires to his bed chamber. Other magicians my find their highest focus and Will could be occupied during dusk. Each individual will have their own conclusions in this process and it should be well noted.

Fourthly, the location of the magical record is especially a primary and well-observed part of the record because it tells provides the details of the astrology chart of the magician for later use. Not only does this hand out a detailed cosmological information, but also serves as a potential dialogue for emotionally charged environment. If a magician is in his hometown the verifying his location in the magical record then it could tell a story of the chaos or the order that is in his experiment. To clarify this stance, if a magician has a fairly decent domestic life then his writings will attest to be more neutral and focused, while a magician in an unsteady home life will be more driven to the wild emotions. If a magician is traveling abroad and does his experimentation then he is more apt to feel adventurous or even suffer from home sickness; the subject of the location tells the story of the magicians emotions an extent.

The fifth part of this are the emotions, these feelings are the mood of the magician, the feelings of the magician should never be neglected, nor should they so overpowering that that the intentions are fogged. The intellect and feelings need to reach a balancing point for the best intentions, if there is an unbalance in that emotion that is preventing clear thoughts then it should be heavily noted. A mighty desire manifests wonderful results when it is properly focused. The magician will find that different emotions will bring forth varying results in timing in strength. It is always wise to make sure the emotions and mind remain acute at all times, otherwise the desires toiled in the working without reason are spread so thin the effectiveness of the spell will quickly dissipate. Meditation is an effective  tool of the mind that should be taken to slow the mind and body of excess emotions, even if the desires will still remain overtly governed over reason then it should be recorded in the magical record.

Lastly, the intention of the magick working should always be taken into consideration in any magical record. The intention is the Will of the magician. Each and every formula or variable to the ritual/spell should be accurate noted because it is the most important of all the sections in the magical record. A person can do magick without a record, but they will always have a direction to be the rudder for the magical Will. I will later elaborate on every minuscule portion of the Will in a detailed liber, but for now the focus is the general observations of cause and effect. For the magick to work, the intentions have to be so immensely superfluous with the idea that at least a slight placebo effect can occur at a minimum (which I do not think is magick in the roots). The results of the magical intention is a scientific-like methodology and will be seen in the daily record.

The daily record is equally as important as the magical record because it proves whether or not the magick is manifesting in life. It does not serve as a mere book of conclusions from the magick, but it is the true reflection of the magician’s thoughts and why he/she chooses those intentions. Much of the information will be repetitive, so for more detail about the importance of writing please refer to LiberI: Magick and Writing. The magician should keep a  notation in the daily record that is date, time, and location. It is recommended to use military time/universal time because of the precision that separates the A.M. and P.M. can be easily misconstrued. There is a big difference between 0500 hours and 1700 hours, it is prescribed that magician learns this skill, it is much easier than determining 5:00 A.M. and 5:00P.M. So the daily record is much more simplistic than the magical record. In this written document the magician can be as sporadic and/or organized as possible. In mundane terminology, this would be labeled as a journal, the focus of this composition is life and feelings of the magician.

Conclusively, the magical record and daily record are a demonstration of the the vitality of the magician on all levels. For years to come the magician will have notes on his life and magical work (no matter how great or how small the work is in their vernacular). It is recommended embrace the habit of writing over a 30 day period consecutively before any major practice is to be taken into consideration. The power of the mind and the pen can supersede many magical acts and change your life for the best or worse.