Aromatic Life



Lemons might seem an unlikely addition to

the Witch’s armoury but they have a good

many uses both medicinally and magically.

Lemons have long been prized for their high vitamin content, and lemon juice is still carried at sea to prevent scurvy. The juice makes an excellent gargle for sore throats and, when diluted, can be applied to reduce itching. It is recommended for rheumatic pain and can even be used to counteract some poisons. A teaspoon undiluted will cure even the most stubborn hiccoughs. If you make your own lemonade you won’t want to touch the fizzy stuff again. Mix the juice of one lemon and a tablespoonful of caster sugar in ½ pint of cold water and drink for the most refreshing and cooling drink.

Lemon juice in water can be used to cleanse magical objects and is particularly good at shining up silverware. Lemon Charms were often made and given to bring blessings and luck, especially in a new home. Take a small lemon and tie it with red ribbon to hang it up. Into the remaining skin press as many new pins as you can. Hang it in the central room of the house. An alternative version of this was sometimes made by pressing cloves into the skin. Grow a lemon from seed if you wish to attract love, and if the tree bears fruit, however small, give it to your lover to seal your relationship. Thinly slice a lemon crossways and carefully dry the slices. Arrange and glue these in a crescent moon and place above your altar as a gift to the Goddess.