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An Interview with Ellen Evert Hopman. Ellen is a druid, an herbalist, and a prolific author. She runs the Willow’s Grove shop through her website. She also runs a course in herbalism for those wanting to learn the marvellous powers of plants.




SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals has information on  labyrinths they offer a sacred space for introspection. In the shape of a circle, it also holds magic.




Aromatic Life features Lemons.

Lemons might seem an unlikely addition to

the Witch’s armoury but they have a good

many uses both medicinally and magically.


This months WitchCrafting: crafts for Witches is about making poppets.  A poppet is a figure representing a person or animal and is used in spells.

and much much more….


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