ThriftCrafting: Witching on a budget


Cinnamonum verum

Merry meet.

Some items used in magic can be expensive, but there are plenty of other ingredients and objects that require little money. Cinnamon is one of those magical ingredients that is cheap, versatile and common enough to be sitting in your spice rack.

You can burn cinnamon either in stick form, or powdered and added to a mix thats burned on a piece of charcoal. Use it to purify individuals, objects or spaces. You can also roll a candle in cinnamon and then burn it.

Steeping it into tea results in an infusion that can heighten psychic awareness and clairvoyance, making it good to drink before divination. Burning some while doing a reading or a meditation has also been suggested.

Sprinkling cinnamon around a space will protect it. So will placing cinnamon sticks on windows and above doors. Another option for protecting a doorway is to make a sachet or mojo bag with cinnamon to hang over the entryway.

Cinnamon is also used to attract good luck, love, money, passion, prosperity and success. It can bring wisdom, tranquility and healing.

Keep cinnamon sticks in with your tarot cards and runes, as well as with your other divination tools.

Burn cinnamon oil in a diffuser to attract prosperity, clients and business.

Bless it and add it to the batter when baking desserts to inspire romance.

Ive also heard that it will bring spice to the bedroom when attached to the bottom of the bed or, I would think, put between the mattress and the boxspring. Kama Sutra oils are made with cinnamon.

Cinnamon sticks can also be used for wands, as is or embellished.

With so many possible magical uses, please tell us some of yours.

Merry part.

And merry meet again.