Bardic Song of the Month

This month’s Bardic Song is called “Wheel of the Year Turns”.

In our Coven, we have a 24″ diameter Circle made of plywood. It has all eight Sabbats listed on it as pieces of pie. When we celebrate a Sabbat, we experience the changes in the year. We turn the Wheel to acknowledge the changes. As we turn the Wheel one turn Deosil, we remember the path we walked and the new path ahead.
Somebody gets to turn the Wheel as the rest of the participants chant the poem. This year, I put the chant to a song.
As much as possible, all songs are created as a single page in pdf format for easier printing and reading. If you play the piano, these songs are simple enough to pick up right away.
If you don’t have the musical inclination, an MP3 file is attached for easier listening and learning.