Short Story: Kiara, Episode 11



Kiara: Episode 11

Moira returned to her tree with an uneasy mind., but the effects of being around her grand uncle Mandral quickly dissipated. Of those who fought alongside the Dwarf mercenaries, he had been chosen to stay on the home world to command the mercenaries. He could look to the council of elders for advice, but everything would be left for him to decide.

Faeries do not have leadership in the sense that most races do. They once had kings, before their magical power became so great that any form of leadership became impossible. The line of kings were still much respected though, as their magical powers were greater than any of the faeries, with the exception of a few of the elders. The faeries have used and misused magic for so many aeons that they are not always even recognisable as being of the same race. Some are tiny and some are tall and slim. Some are beautiful by human standards and some look like trees and orbs and butterflies. They chiefly recognise each other by their essence as they are shape-shifters par excellence. Those on the home world tend to drift along in a hedonistic way, doing whatever gives them pleasure. They avoid seriousness, or anything that might change their essence and make their idyllic life on the home world impossible to maintain.

They do not have a moral code as such, – they simply realise that the use of dark magic or taking a life, will change their essence and bring darkness and pain in place of pleasure and bliss.

Those who fought in the goblin wars knew that they were sacrificing much to protect their race. Having lost their purity, they spread across the worlds and created new clans. Although they still tried to live their lifestyle of pleasure and abandon, – their essence was now much darker. They tended to avoid contact with all except their own clan, and had warlike tendencies which were never manifested in their ancestors. The faeries are a forgetful race, but there were many who had served with Mandral and would return to defend their home world when needed.

Moira manifested a soft couch and began her search for Kiara. It was always harder to search among the out-world clans. She knew that Kiara had to be descended from one of the royal lines who fought in some past conflict that was lost in time. She remembered what had happened to the goblins in the forest, and realised that the ugly little toad had possibly bitten off much more than even his sharp teeth could chew. A warrior princess in full battle fury could single-handedly decimate an entire battalion of goblins. Unfortunately, she doubted that Kiara really knew who she was. If she could her her and bring her back to her uncle, she was sure that they could foil whatever plans the horrible little goblin had to bring chaos to their home world.

Moira closed her eyes and allowed her mind to expand and drift. She found the guardian of the forest, but she was back in her nest and awaiting a new Guardian tree to be prepared for her.

She found the forest, but could not bring herself to materialise there. The energy of the place made her feel sick and dizzy. She would have to get help to cleanse it later, or wait until the elementals had transmuted the negative energy back into life force.

Finally, she drifted into dream and searched for Kiara there. Faeries find dreams easier to navigate than most beings do, because of their naturally whimsical nature. Still, it took quite a while to penetrate Kiara’s fevered nightmares. With the forest out of bounds, she led Kiara’s etheric body to the safety of her bedroom and, taking the daisy from Kiara’s dressing gown pocket, she pressed it into her hand. While Kiara’s mind was beginning to clear and focus, Moira healed her wound.

When she had the full attention of the princess, Moira told her to keep the daisy safe as it would guide her to the home world when needed. She explained about the work the doctor had done to create bodies beyond the protective shield that kept them imprisoned on their planet of origin. She also told her of the raids on the home-world of the Fae and their suspicions about his plans to invade it. Moira spoke slowly and carefully, watching the princess to try to gauge her reaction.

“Milady”, she said, “We have great need of your help in the homeland of the Fae. I know we ask much of you, but we need you to destroy the goblin’s machines and then come to us to help us deal with his armies”. She paused for a moment to allow Kiara to take everything in. Kiara did not answer for a while. She knew what was being asked of her. Her own clan had lived by the old ways for countless thousands of years and their light had again grown bright. However, she felt little remorse for destroying the goblins, even before she knew they were only constructs. Perhaps it was her fate to do this. Maybe that was why she had somehow been trapped in this child’s body and not through her own stupidity after all.

“Very well!”, she said at last. “I will see if my powers have returned and if I can destroy these machines”. “Go and rest Milady”, said Moira, and when you awaken and have tested your powers, call me to you and I will help all I can”. Moira faded away and Kiara drifted into a deep sleep as her fever broke and the wound rapidly healed.