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Wendy Rule & The Green Album

A month ago I went to a workshop and a living room concert by Wendy Rule in Haarlem. She is a ‘visionary songstress who creates spiritual music for the soul, taking listeners on mythic journeys of healing, love and magic with her pagan music’. I love her music and her way of teaching, so I was really looking forward to the day.

The workshop was called The Magic of the Elements (a dark moon ritual for lovers of nature, magic and the moon). Sounds great, doesn’t it? And it was! Wendy was accompanied by her husband Timothy, also a very gifted musician. We were with a small group, which felt exactly right. Together we created sacred space. On each of the directions and in the centre we co-created elemental altars. Wendy and Tim guided us into a magical connection with each of the elements through beautiful musical soundscapes and guided meditations. We exchanged experiences and shared insights and stories, talked about the elements and what they mean to each of us, especially in relation to the dark moon (the current phase that day). I had been at an elements workshop with Wendy & Tim before; this one was equally wonderful but still very different. We were lingering in a magical bubble beyond space and time and I loved it! After the workshop we gathered for a nice potluck dinner with all kinds of lovely and yummy food. My husband joined us and brought some of our self-made mead.


In the evening more and more people trickled in. You could feel the anticipation rising towards the concert. Around 8pm after a short introductory talk Wendy and Tim opened the concert by re-establishing the circle; our elemental altars were still in place because that felt right. They played a great selection of Wendy’s beautiful repertoire. Older songs, new songs and songs that were never done with public before, interlaced with interesting and/or funny stories about the songs and how they were created. We enjoyed ourselves very much and way too soon Wendy & Tim played the last song and we all closed the circle together. Among the encores was a surprise performance with one of the hosts of this wonderful day. Afterwards we stayed for a while for a drink and more stories! What a splendid day! If you ever get the chance to attend one of Wendy’s workshops and/or concerts… just do it!




At the concert Wendy introduced an album she contributed to with Tim: The Green Album. “It’s a musical plan of action. An Independent musical compilation created by a consortium of like-minded Muses, Musicians and Songbirds from all over uniting as a global Tribe to raise awareness, celebrate and give something back to Mother Earth!” I bought it because of familiar names like well, Wendy Rule :), but also Kellianna, Damh the Bard, S. J. Tucker… And of course it’s always nice to get to know new (to me at least!) pagan artists like Tuatha Dea, the initiator of the project. I hadn’t heard of them before this album, but I’m glad I got to know them. Other artists are: Ginger Doss, Sharon Night, Brian Henke and more. Check the website, they are all there! I will definitely check out the music they made apart from this album.

There’s also another great reason to buy the album: 25% of ALL sales proceeds from this project will be donated to the Rainforest Trust, a global green charity doing amazing work around the world in protecting threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife. You can buy the album through the website or, like I did, at a concert of one of the contributing artists. You won’t be disappointed.




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