November Amulet Guidance from the Council of Elders with NanLT

November Amulet Guidance from the Council of Elders

with NanLT




Welcome to this new monthly feature for The Pagan Pages. The Amulets of the Goddess are an oracle system created by artist Nancy Blair. I have been reading and interpreting their messages for myself and others for 20 years.

Ask your question and stand before the Council of Elders as they guide and advise you with their accumulated wisdom.

Today, I ask the question:

What messages for the coming month do you have for readers of The Pagan Pages?

Triple Spiral – Barriers, Boundaries, and Possibilities



Life seems uncertain and chaotic right now. This is the chaos that always comes before life changes. It is important to set personal boundaries in your life at this time.

The Triple Spiral tells us that it is important that we recognise those barriers that are keeping us from becoming our own authentic selves. We can do this by setting boundaries – this is who I am, this is what I will not accept, this is what I will accept.

By doing this, we can create our own possibilities in life.

Owl – Wisdom in the Dark



For many, setting personal boundaries and removing barriers to our own happiness and well-being may lead to times of darkness – where we cannot see what the future may bring.

Own tells us to Trust. Trust Spirit to guide you through this month of unknowing. Trust that the boundaries you have set can bring you freedom.

Frog – Speaking Out



Speak up for yourself. Speak out and let your voice join the chorus of those who share your ideas.

Speak u and let yourself claim the limits and boundaries you have set. Speak up and speak out even if your voice cracks. Don’t wait to hear what you need to hear from others. Speak up and say it to yourself.

Frog tells us out voice is needed in the world right now. The time to keep Silent is no more.

Spider – Sacred Creativity



The web that links us one to another stretches farther and binds us closer than it ever has done before.

The old ways of looking at the world and of being a part of the world are ending.

New ideas, new creative ways of being and of belonging are needed. The web of belonging stretches across human-made borders.

We see this in North America where Native tribes of both North America and South America have gathered in peace and prayer to protect Mother Earth and Her waters.

This movement will not fade but will grow to encompass native peoples around the world.

The webs that connect us across the internet will bring together the people of every land, every culture, and every colour. Honouring all.

Eyes – Inner Visions



As we look outwards at the global community, we need to also look inwards to our inner self.

What is your connection? Where are you in this global inter-web of being? Find strength in knowing you are part of something greater than any of us individually.

As we look honestly at ourselves we renew our pledge to set firm boundaries, and it moves beyond ‘What will I accept and not accept?’ into ‘What will we accept and not accept?’

What barriers do we need to remove? What possibilities do we see for ourselves as we begin to focus our voices on a common global goal?




Some work with Tarot Cards, some use Runes. I have a strong affinity for the Amulets.

Amulets of the Goddess: Oracle of Ancient Wisdom comes from a book and amulet set created by author and artist Nancy Blair.

I have been using the amulets for divinatory work and for insight into what is happening in my life since 1993. I’ve been doing oracle readings for others almost as long and can now offer Amulet Readings to anyone around the world.

You can find guidance from the Amulets. If you are wondering where your life is heading, or looking for guidance on what the future might hold, the Amulets can help.

Contact me to request your personal Oracle consult with the Council of Elders.