December Amulet Guidance from the Council of Elders with NanLT




Night star – Dreaming Goddess – Labrys – Snakes – Hand with seeds

As we come into this time of the Solstice, I ask the question – What do people need to know in this Solstice season?

The Council of Elders came to us this day to tell us, “Make your wishes, dream your dreams, you hold the power, release your fears, plant your seeds and know your dreams can come true.”

The Night Star is there to light your way through the darkness. That simple rhyme of our childhood, Star Light, Star Bright, First star I see tonight… by which we made our wishes. Sometimes the wishes came true, sometimes they didn’t. But, in that moment of our lives, we believed wholeheartedly that wishing upon a star really could make our dreams come true. Bring that same innocence and total trust to your own magic and spellcasting as an adult.

Follow your own Night Star. Make your own wishes because just like Jiminy Cricket once sang, “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.”

What dreams do you dream? The Dreaming Goddess tells you to pay attention to what you are dreaming into being. Yes, make your wishes. Yes, your dreams can come true. But, are the dreams you are dreaming what you truly want to bring into your life?

Are you dreaming big enough? Or, are you letting your fears hold you back.

You hold the power of a the Priest/Priestess in your hand. The Labrys tells us that we have the power to create change and to bring our dreams into being within us. Stand firm in your power, claim it as your own at this time.

Even now, fears hold you back. It’s time to shed those fears, just as Snake sheds his skin when it becomes too small for his body. Don’t hold on to things that you have outgrown, release dreams and fears and ideas that are too small for you today. They hold you back and keep you from stepping into and claiming your full worth as a human being.

Dream your dreams and make your wishes upon a star. Claim your power and your worth as your own. Let go of fears and that too small skin that keeps you from becoming you in all of your glorious being. Hold your seeds, but also be ready to let them go. Just like the farmer plans his seeds, then leaves them be under the soil. She doesn’t go back a few days later to dig up the seeds to see if they’re grown. The farmer trusts that beneath the soil, where he cannot see, growth and change is happening and soon that growth will be visible above the ground.

Trust that growth can happen if you let go of those seeds.

All that you need is in your hands. You hold the Seeds for growth. You alone are responsible for your fate. Know what you are planting. Know that the dreams and hopes and ideas that you plant today will grow into being in time.


Some work with Tarot Cards, some use Runes. I have a strong affinity for the Amulets.

Amulets of the Goddess: Oracle of Ancient Wisdom comes from a book and amulet set created by author and artist Nancy Blair.

I have been using the amulets for divinatory work and for insight into what is happening in my life since 1993. I’ve been doing oracle readings for others almost as long and can now offer Amulet Readings to anyone around the world.

You can find guidance from the Amulets. If you are wondering where your life is heading, or looking for guidance on what the future might hold, the Amulets can help.

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