Finding the Pagan Way

The Faeries

Winter can often convince us that we are older than we truly are. It is so much easier to take a walk in the summer and sit in the sun and drift back in time. But even though the Winter is a time for quietness and reflection,- there is still much that we can do to reconnect with nature and ,hopefully, our childhood appreciation of the magic which is all around us.
On fine days, tuck up well, and walk in the winter forest. Listen to the wind in the trees. Watch the ash swaying and dancing with its beautiful silvery bark.
Find a Holly tree, all bedecked in bright berries against a shimmering green, ready for the festive season. As it shivers in the breeze, you can hear it make a sound like tinkling tinsel on the Yuletide tree. Relax and open your senses, you will feel the fairies nearby.
When the weather is too cold or wet, – there are still things we can do to tune into the mystery which lies unnoticed all around us.

Sit quietly in a room where you will not be disturbed, or better still, in your garden or patio.
Place your feet firmly on the ground.
Breath slowly and deeply.
Imagine a golden light surrounding you like a large globe, protecting you and keeping you safe and secure.
As you breathe in, imagine that there are roots spreading down into the ground from your feet. Feel them go deep into the earth.
See them in your mind’s eye, spreading wide under the ground and drawing energy from the earth. Listen carefully for any sound around you. Pay attention to any sensations that you might feel.

Call the faery folk to you. Tell them that you mean them no harm. Pay attention to any images that come into your mind. Then ask them to help you to feel more connected to the earth.
Bid them farewell. Then, slowly come back to normal awareness. Have a drink and a snack before you drive or operate machinery. And do not forget to leave a small gift for the Fairy Folk. Scatter some wild flowers or sparkly things on the ground for them. They Love that!

Art by Bill Oliver